Recently, Yamaha Motorcycles listed its smallest displacement imitation race YZF-R15/M IV model in Taiwan province. The Yamaha YZF-R15/M is priced at NT$146,000 (about RMB 33,080) for the standard version and NT$155,000 (about RMB 35,119) for the M-competition version in Taiwan province. The price is really not low.

About – YAMAHA R15/M V4 What Should You Know First
In terms of appearance, it is not too much to say that it is the most aggressive model in its class. It inherits YAMAHA’s family front design, with sharp eyes shaped by the daytime running lights on the left and right sides, and a centered lens that makes the car even more spirited. As an R series imitation racing model, the R15/M is not understated in appearance, and the value of this piece is taken to death.

Power part, the fourth generation R15 / M still inherited the power platform of the previous generation, equipped with Yamaha’s proud VVA variable valve and Blue Core technology engine. With a maximum power of 13.5kw / 10000rpm, maximum torque of 14.2N-m / 7500rpm, maximum horsepower of about 18.4 horsepower, the power is very good. The R15M, which was released together with the standard R15 V4, is not as different in performance as its big brother, the R1/R1M, but it is also equipped with a number of exclusive details such as a three-dimensional badge, a logo on the fork top cover, a specially printed saddle, gold front brake calipers, and a metallic rear swingarm/anti-scald cover, making both performance and quality the pinnacle of the YZF-R15 series.

The fourth-generation shock absorber has also been upgraded, from the third generation on the front of the formal replacement of 37mm inverted front reduction, although the damping has become smaller, but the inverted front reduction of the upgrade and 37mm specifications also effectively reduce the weight of the spring, in addition to YAMAHA also used the front reduction of gold, especially eye-catching.

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In addition, the fourth-generation model is equipped with the Y-Connect Bluetooth cell phone connection system as standard, which provides information such as SMS/email alerts, caller alerts, connection status, and phone battery level after connecting to the Y-Connect APP on the cell phone.

YZF-R15M Competition Edition is better equipped
If you think that the competition version is only different in color, you are wrong. Compared with the standard version, the competition version is equipped with a fast-execution system, as well as a number of exclusive details such as exclusive badges, front fork top cover logos, special cushions, gold brake calipers, metallic rear swingarm/anti-scald cover, etc., to further enhance the performance and quality.

In terms of color scheme, the 2022 YAMAHA YZF-R15 V4 standard version offers three color schemes: red, black and blue, while the competitive version offers silver and Yamaha MotoGP Monster Energy color schemes.

For once the V2 version was introduced to the mainland R15, small-displacement market domestic models are becoming increasingly mature price is also very low, want to re-introduce the possibility is no longer great. As a domestic rider or just look at it, so what do you think of this latest R15/M V4?

YAMAHA YZF-R15 V4 / R15M Specification
Engine Type: Water-cooled, four-stroke, SOHC, four-valve
Brake Assist System: Dual-channel ABS anti-lock braking system
Displacement: 155 c.c.
Bore x Stroke: 58.0 x 58.7 (mm)
Compression ratio: 11.6 : 1
Max. horsepower: 18.4PS @ 10,000 RPM
Max. torque: 14.2Nm @ 7,500 RPM
L x W x H: 1,990 x 725 x 1,135 (mm)
Seat height: 815 mm
Minimum height above ground: 170 mm
Equipment weight: 142 kg
Front wheel size: 100/80-17M/C
Rear wheel specification: 140/70-R17M/C
Front brake system: Twin-piston caliper, 282mm single disc
Rear brake system: Single piston caliper, 220mm single disc
Fuel tank capacity: 11 L
Transmission: International six-speed
Front Suspension: 37 mm inverted fork
Rear suspension: Single shotgun shock absorber
Lighting: Integrated fisheye LED headlight, LED positioning light, LED tail light, halogen directional light
Features: VVA Variable Valve System, Quick Shift (R15 V4 blue version & R15M standard), Side Column Flame Out System, TCS Traction Control System, Auxiliary Slip Clutch, YAMAHA Y-Connect Bluetooth Mobile Phone Connection System

Yamaha’s smallest displacement imitation race motorcycle finally launched

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