Best Window Coverings For Children's Bedrooms

When you’re choosing the best window treatment option for your child’s bedroom, you need to think in terms of energy efficiency, functionality, and safety and get something your kid likes. So, there are many factors to consider and too many options to choose from. That’s why we’ve listed the best window coverings and how each one can complement your child’s room.

Go simple with curtains

Curtains are the most common window treatment choice in many households. They are easy to maintain because you can wash them whenever you want. Next, they are a good privacy solution that blocks unwanted attention while maintaining the amount of light. There are many sheer curtain fabrics that enable privacy while letting the light shine through.

Lastly, if you want to ensure that your kid’s room has both a stylish window treatment and the right privacy, curtains will do the trick. Just make sure you adjust the length of the curtains, so they are out of reach, especially if you have young kids. Kids tend to play with curtains, so make sure to stay away from floor-length curtains until your kid is of age to learn that you don’t have to play with curtains.

…or choose a curtain style that fits the entire decor of the children’s room

Keto complete reviews chemist warehouse: Curtains are the most common choice because they come in different styles, patterns and prints. For example, if everything in your kid’s room has to be in their favourite colour, you can easily find suitable curtains. Another option is to choose a print that your kid loves. There are many characters or topics kids love these days, so if curtains with tiny cars will make your kid happy, there’s a printed curtain fabric for that. Printed curtains have the same purpose as any other kind, so they will provide privacy and block direct sunlight.

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Motorised window dressing option

Many homes are embracing smart technology and motorised curtains is a great example of this. Motorised window treatments are considered one of the safest options because there aren’t any cords or elements that could be pulled or ripped by a curious child.

Almost every window treatment can be motorised and controlled by a remote and an app. You can easily schedule times when the blinds are opened or closed based on your child’s wake-up schedule. You can also be creative and schedule the closing time that fits your child’s bed schedule. This way they’ll know that it’s time to go to sleep, so they won’t be so fussy about that. You can also choose a kid-friendly fabric and make this motorised option completely suitable for a child’s room.

Choose a block-out option for better sleep

Block-out curtains are a must if your home gets too much sunlight. While sunlight is essential for proper waking up and being energised early on in your day, it might ruin the quality of sleep. So, opt for block-out curtains in combination with regular curtains Regular curtains can be in the fabric or pattern your kid likes while block-out curtains can be in a complementary colour.

Energy-efficient window treatment

Another important characteristic of the best window coverings for children’s bedrooms is energy efficiency. You want your child to be warm and comfortable, and window treatments play a significant role. Energy-efficient honeycomb blinds are ideal if you need to preserve energy and warmth in your kid’s room. They will reduce warmth during the warmer months while also preserving the heat during the colder months. That’s why they are considered an energy-efficient solution because they work both ways. They also come in a variety of options, so you’ll be able to pick the type that is suitable for your home. If you want a sheer option or a block-out option, you won’t have any trouble choosing the right type of honeycomb blinds for your home. 

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Think in terms of safety as well

If you’re worried about cords or any other safety issue, you can prioritise safety as the first quality you’re looking for. We’ve already mentioned that the length of curtains and drapes plays an important role so you should choose window height window treatments. By doing this, curtains or drapes will be out of your child’s reach. Next, you can consider using a fully automated window treatment option. You’ll be in command and in control of the times when the window treatment is opened or closed. You’re in control through the app on your smart device or by using a remote control. Lastly, you can pick roman blinds that are cordless and child-friendly. These come in different shades, block UV lights, protect the privacy of the room and also come in different kid-suitable patterns and colours.

If your child has allergies, look for dust-free window treatments

Kids often have allergies, especially to dust and pollen. Having said this, some parents should also know their window treatment options, especially if they are looking for a dust-free option. Now, dust cannot be completely eliminated, the only way to keep dust at bay is to regularly clean your house and limit the presence of dust-attracting fabrics. You have to look for the type of window treatment that is known as the least dust-collecting type. Roman blinds, cellular blinds, and vertical blinds should be among your top choices. You can even choose the type of fabric that is known as the allergen-free solution for a kid’s bedroom.

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Mix and match window treatment options

If you were to ask kids about their favourite fisher price toys treatment, they’ll probably mention a specific colour or a printed pattern. Since kids will only focus on the beauty of window treatments while parents should also consider the functionality, there’s a solution. The solution in this case is to mix and match both options. So, if your kid wants curtains with their favourite cartoon character, while a parent wants the entire home to be covered in roman blinds, you can have both options in your kid’s room. Roman blinds can be attached close to the window, while curtains can go over the blinds and everyone will be happy.

These eight options will be enough to choose from and ensure both the parents and the kid is happy with the choice.

Best Window Coverings For Children’s Bedrooms

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