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Rajmachi is one of the famous journeys in Sahyadri Mountains. The simple and beautiful trail is one of the favourite destinations for every mountaineer and especially newcomers.

The Rajmachi Fort, the end of the trail and stands at a height of 2750 bases overlooking the Bhorghat Pass, a major old trade route during the Maratha Empire. 

Trek to Rajmachi is veritably easy. The altitude isn’t veritably high and the trail is well pronounced and one can leave without a companion.

touring during thunderstorm is most During the Rajmachi journey visit the Rajmachi stronghold erected by Shivaji in the 17th century.

The binary castles “ Manaranjan ” and “ Shrivardhan ” are inversely intriguing. Visit the Bhairavnath Temple, Mahadev Temple also Rajmachi is an ideal destination for touring. remains of castles, falls and temples and the ancient Buddhist caves inspire the mountaineer to journey through the thick forests.

Enjoy the stirring beauty of the lush Sahyadri with the Rajmachi Trek which is one of those easy to approachable trekking near Mumbai.

 Places to Visit Around Rajmachi Fort 

  •  Rajmachi Fort is a must

 visit trekking destination in Maharashtra which allures excursionists for an exquisite panoramic view from the Rajmachi Point and its association with the fabulous Maratha emperor Shivaji.

touring to Rajmachi Fort is noway complete and taking a tour around the prominent places of interest near Rajmachi Fort.

Check out for some of the places that must have a place in your pail list.

  •  Tungarli Lake-

 A popular weekend getaway and fun and games spot, the levee is located in Tungarli village amidst the majestic Sahyadris. The levee was originally constructed with the ideal of furnishing irrigation installations to the entire region of Rajmachi.

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latterly and it came a coveted sightseer spot for touring, boarding, and an out-of-door fun and games. 

  • Valvan Lake- 

Located just about 10 km from Lonavala, Valvan vill is an idyllic village and a well- known sightseer destination of Maharashtra pullulating in a number of falls and spellbinding natural beauty to appeal nature suckers and shooters.

The antique village is nestled within the binary hills of Shreevardhan and Manoranjan. 

  •  Ryewood Park- 

A sprawling graphic theatre located near to Lonavala is home to some rare species of trees dating back to several hundreds of times back. According to popular belief, the theater is named after Mr. Rye and an English army officer who lived in this place for numerous times.

Some others believe that the name Ryewood is deduced from the word “ rai” which means thick forest. 

  •  Tiger’s leap- 

If you look at the valley from an angular distance it gives an print of a leaping tiger. On a sunny day the 650 metres lateral view of Tiger’s Leap is a sight to behold.

It’s recommendes not to go too close to the edge and watch the view from a designates viewing point and also From then to and fro buses to Khandala are available. 

  •  Kune Waterfall- 

A marvellousṣ crown of slinging water plunging 200 metres down a table is a must visit place in Lonavala. Kune falls is one of the loftiest falls of Maharashtra forming from the Khandala Ghats.

The three- tiered place and waterfall takes on a breath- taking appeal during monsoon when the hilly terrains are hover with thick green leafage.

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Kune Waterfalls is a popular weekend destination and fun and games spot for the original people. 

 Things to Do Around Rajmachi Fort 

  •  Pawna Lake Camping- 

It’s one of the most visited artificial lakes and a popular campground in Maharashtra located about 10 Km down from Kamshet on the Mumbai – Pune Highway. The serenity and breath- taking charm of natural beauty makes your camping experience satisfying in the true sense.

Pawna Lake campground packages come with sightseeing and  campfires with music and regale. During monsoon waterproof tents are there to the tourists for night stay. 

  •  Picnic at Bhushi Lake- 

It’s one of the largest lakes and a popular weekend flight in Maharashtra. A series of slinging falls flowing into the lake and during thunderstorm and renders a surreal beauty to the surroundings.

There are shops in the near vill providing snacks and refreshments to the tourists and pedestrians of Rajmachi Fort.

  • Paragliding in Kamshet-

 Enjoy an exhilarating flying session in Kamshet. The beautiful valley is there about 50 Km from Pune in the  Sahyadri Range.

There are 3 different categories of paragliding courses videlicet- Classic Tandem, Instructional Tandem and Acro Tandem. 

  • Explore Bhaja Caves- 

The Bhaja and Karla caves are a must visit point of attraction in Khandala. Located a little down from the main city, the caves reflect Buddhist  and influence on their architectural style.

The pillars and walls of the delve temple are good in design with carvings of Lord Buddha depicting colorful stories which relates to his life.

The caves have their own “ vihara” and “ chaitya” where the monks  prayers to Lord Buddha.

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Why you should visit Rajmachi Trek

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