When it comes to investing in real estate, a lot of people prefer to invest in equity. This is because they feel that they have more control over their investment and they can choose when they want to sell it. However, there are many reasons why investing in real estate is better than investing in equity.

Real estate can be rented out for income, which is another benefit of this type of investment. The rental income is not taxed until it is received by the owner so it can help you reduce your tax liability.

Real estate also has greater liquidity than stocks or bonds, which means that it can be sold more quickly if you need to raise money quickly. Buying and selling stocks and bonds may take several days while real estate transactions usually take only a few hours or days to complete when everything goes smoothly.

1) Long-term Investment

When you LDA approved projects in lucknow, you are investing in an asset that provides value over time. This is because the value of property increases with time and inflation. In contrast, if you invest in equity, you are only looking at short-term gains which may not be as beneficial as long-term investments.

2) Easier Access to Credit

Since property or plots in lucknow gomti nagar is considered a good collateral for loans, it is easier for investors to access credit through mortgages and other loans as compared to equity investments which may not qualify for such loans since there is no collateral available for them.

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3) Less Risky

Real estate investments do come with some risk but this risk is less than what equity investors face because real estate has intrinsic value whereas equities do not have any intrinsic value and their prices depend on the supply and demand of shares within a stock exchange at any given moment in time.

4) It’s less volatile

The stock market is famously volatile, with wild swings up and down every day. If you’re looking for a steady source of income, real estate provides that in spades. You can count on rents every month, regardless of what’s happening in the economy or on Wall Street. At its core, real estate is an asset class that outperforms inflation over time — which means that even if you don’t make any profit from your properties’ appreciation (which you probably will), you’ll still make money on their rents over the long term.

5) Real Estate Increases in Value

When you buy real estate, it increases in value over time. This is not true of the equity in your home. Equity may increase if you refinance your mortgage or sell your house for more than you paid for it, but this doesn’t happen automatically. In fact, if you keep making payments on your mortgage and nothing else happens, your equity will decrease over time as the principal portion of each payment goes toward paying off the loan balance instead of building up additional equity.

Why Real Estate is a Better Investment than Equity

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