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One of the latest trends in reading books on a smartphone. There’s no doubt that many people love reading books and novels. However, many people having such a hobby tend to rely on their phones for the source. 

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If you’re one of them, you must be reading this article on your smartphone now, too. But have you ever thought about the drawbacks of reading books online over the phone? Well, there’s much debate still going on, but there’s one thing for sure – reading books on the phone is bad for your eyes. 

This is confirmed by research and the best ophthalmologist in Mumbai. But how does this happen? Let’s read this article till the end to find out. 

“According to a survey report from 2014, Indians are hard-core smartphone addicts. The report revealed the enhanced reliability of smartphone users to use multiple apps. About 95% of individuals using smartphones agreed that they rely on their gadgets to read books and novels.” 

Reading Books On-Screen Vs. Reading Books On Paper

Smart and handheld gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops simplify people’s lives in one way or another. Online reading has become the trend since the technological revolution’s onset. However, the usability of these smart gadgets has grown significantly due to the global impact of the pandemic. 

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To keep up with efficiency and productivity during work from home, working professionals are usually attached to their smart gadgets, mostly laptops. The same goes for the kids who habitually use smartphones for education after this pandemic. 

Online education has adversely impacted students’ eye health due to the constant exposure to blue light emitted via smartphones, tablets, or laptops. This will become a reason for their vision problems in the long run. 

Moreover, many individuals now use their handheld gadgets to read books instead of reading them on paper. Although online reading brings the desired convenience, one must do it within the limit as excessive screen time can affect the eyes.  For more information visit: hair transplant in Dubai

It is usual human behavior to blink less while your eyes stare at the blue light emitted via the screens. This results in excess strain on the eyes, making it troublesome to focus on objects or things. 

Side Effects of Reading Books On Phone 

According to a group of the best ophthalmologist in Mumbai, a few side effects of excessive reading on the phone include: 

  • Retinal Damage: the blue lights from your phone’s screen can cause damage to your retina’s sensitive cells. This can result in symptoms like AMD or age-related macular degeneration.
  • Irritated Eyes: You’ll notice a decline in your eye’s blink rate. This can result in irritation and dryness in the eyes. 
  • Eye Fatigue: if you read a book on your phone for a longer duration, your eyes will hurt. This eye fatigue will result in double vision, headaches, concentration problems, or eye-related cosmetic disorders.
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Step-by-step instructions to Protect Eyes From Phone

  1. Change Screen Settings: It’s not difficult to fail to remember that your screen can be redone, on the grounds that it looks fine straight out of the container! Everybody’s eyes are unique, be that as it may, and all smartphones permit you to change differentiation, brilliance, and message settings.
  2. Bring down the splendor when you’re in your home, or turn on programmed brilliance settings to allow your phone to change contingent upon your current circumstance. Increment message size to make perusing instant messages more straightforward, as well!
  1. Maintain A Reasonable Separation: You ought to have the option to see all that on your phone screen from somewhere in the range of 16 and 18 inches away. Try not to hold your phone excessively close, yet on the off chance that you end up bringing the phone nearer, consider focusing on your screen all things being equal.
  2. Use Night Mode: Current Android and Apple smartphones offer night mode includes that make it simple to naturally decrease the burden on your eyes at night. Turn the element on, and your phone will consequently change screen settings relying upon the hour of the day.
  3. Remember To Squint!: This could sound senseless, however, it’s not difficult to neglect to flicker while we’re utilizing smartphones and tablets. Subliminally, we become so centered around the substance that we basically gaze at the gadget.

Each time we squint, we’re keeping our eyes sodden and pulling together our eyes. Do it frequently to stay away from strain and dryness. Also, check out the benefits of plastic surgery in India with a reasonable price rate

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Final Words 

So, take breaks between reading on screens and start following preventive measures to avoid complications. However, if any complications arise, it’s ideal to consult the best ophthalmologist in Mumbai at the Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital.

Why Is Reading Books On The Phone Bad For Eyes?

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