Who Is the Best Orthopedic Doctor in Delhi?

Max Healthcare should be your go-to place if you are looking for the best orthopedic doctor. You will find specialists for joint replacement, spine surgery, sports injury, and more. Some of the top orthopedic doctors at Max Healthcare are as follows:

Dr Sanjiv KS Marya

Dr Marya has completed more than three decades in medicine and orthopedic surgery. He is particularly efficient at joint replacement surgery for the upper and lower limbs. He pioneered the bilateral joint replacement of hip and knee joints and successfully replaced both in one sitting.

Besides starting half knee or unicompartmental replacement, Dr Marya has done exceptional work on joint replacement fractures, pioneering computer-assisted joint replacement surgery. Dr Marya is the Chief Surgeon and Chairman of the orthopedics and joint replacement department. 

Dr H N Bajaj

Dr Bajaj has over 25 years of experience in orthopedics. He has been a part of Max Healthcare since May 2007. He has been functioning as the Head of Spinal Surgery in the orthopedics and joint replacement department. He has dealt with various injuries to the spine. He has also treated patients with spinal infection, spinal stenosis, spinal cancer, and spinal pain. He has performed several disc surgeries with ease. 

Dr Balvinder Rana

Dr Balvinder Rana is a senior consultant in the orthopedic and joint replacement department at Max Healthcare. His specialisation lies in the area of ankle and foot arthroscopy. He has performed several ankle ligament reconstructions and corrected ankle and foot deformities. 

Patients with tendon problems and arthritis in the foot and ankle can also consult him. He can also offer the right guidance regarding managing Charcot’s foot and diabetic foot. He has also treated patients with complex trauma to the foot and ankle. 

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Common Orthopaedic Conditions That Need Immediate Treatment

The best orthopedic doctor can deal with a variety of musculoskeletal disorders and provide you relief from pain and other issues associated with them. Some top issues that require you to consult an orthopedic doctor are as follows:

● Arthritis

Arthritis occurs due to swelling or inflammation of the joints. The condition often leads to stiffness in and around the joints. The risk of arthritis is the highest in older women. People with a family history of arthritis are also more likely to develop it. 

● Scoliosis

Scoliosis involves an abnormally curved spine. The condition often gives the spine the “C” or “S” shape. Individual vertebrae in people with scoliosis often get rotated. Scoliosis does not occur due to bad posture. However, people with scoliosis often lean to one side. 

People with scoliosis should get it checked regularly. Teenagers or adults growing up with scoliosis should get it checked more often as it worsens. Wearing a brace prevents further curvature of the spine. In severe cases, people with scoliosis need to undergo spine surgery.

● Knee Pain

Athletes are more susceptible to knee pain, but anyone can develop it. Overuse and injury are some of the top reasons behind knee pain. Sometimes knee pain is also triggered by conditions like osteoarthritis. Severe knee pain usually needs medical attention. You can treat some knee pains with physical therapy; others need more extensive treatments like surgery.

● Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring-related injuries are quite common in athletes, particularly football players and runners. It occurs due to a tear in one of the hamstrings. Hamstring injuries are extremely painful. Physical therapy and sometimes even surgery are necessary for a person to recover from hamstring injuries. 

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● Hip Fracture

Hip fractures are quite common among people older adults due to sudden falls. People with osteoporosis are more prone to hip fractures. Depending on a person’s overall health during a hip fracture, several other complications can arise from it. Hip fractures usually need to be treated with surgery. Taking care of your bone health reduces the risk of hip fractures. 

● Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common ailment in ageing individuals. In most cases, it is mild and goes away after some time. But sometimes, the symptoms are too significant and demand immediate medical attention. You can treat some back pain with physical therapy and medications. But surgery becomes necessary for treating more severe forms of back pain.

Wrapping up

Book your appointment with the best orthopedists at Max Healthcare today. They will provide the right guidance regarding medications, surgery, and physical therapy to cure musculoskeletal issues.

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Who Is the Best Orthopedic Doctor in Delhi?

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