Developing software involves a variety of stages, from conceiving the idea to coding it to documenting the process and testing it for bugs. The process also involves the ongoing maintenance of applications and other software components. These steps are all essential in developing an effective and reliable software system. Software development companies provide a range of services to help companies meet their software development needs.


BITRIDGE LLC is a custom software development firm that specializes in helping small and mid-market companies leverage the power of technology. Its team includes web developers, graphic designers, business analysts, database administrators, software architects, and project managers. BITRIDGE LLC aims to create the best solutions for its clients.

Its services range from custom web application development to mobile application development. Its team is made up of 164 people, located in four locations. Its services cater to various industries and are time zone-aligned. The company focuses on strategy, product design, web development, UX, company culture, and process change.


Whether you need a simple web app or an enterprise software solution, Intellias is the global technology partner you need to create a winning digital strategy. Based in the United States, Ukraine, and Poland, Intellias employs over 1,600 experts to build applications that fit your business needs. They specialize in helping Fortune 500 companies increase IT capacity, create successful software products, and optimize processes.

Intellias’s innovative digital products and experiences are driven by big data technologies, cloud infrastructure, and highly precise navigation systems. The company works with Tier 1 automotive companies to help them make the most of these technologies and create a differentiated experience for their customers. Their services provide remote diagnostics, real-time road information, and a personalized online experience. Intellias’s team members are trained in working with head unit systems, touchscreens, and other automotive technology. They help companies collect, store, and maintain onboard data for connected car solutions.

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With a team of more than 2000 engineers in seven software development outsourcing offices in Central and Eastern Europe, Intellias delivers cutting-edge technology that makes complex digital projects a breeze. Founded in 1999, Intellias has served Fortune 500 companies as a strategic engineering partner. Since then, it has become the backbone of BrainStorm’s development strategy, bringing on over 50 senior engineers to help deliver a product used by millions of learners worldwide.

Modus Create

Modus Create is a global remote team that works with Global 2000 companies to build innovative user-centric digital solutions. The company is looking for Senior Full Stack Engineers and Business Intelligence Engineers. They have a unique culture and are able to work closely with their clients to build customized digital solutions.

Modus Create uses emerging technology and small teams to develop products. Their methodology is often referred to as “new school.” They support their clients across four core areas of delivery: customer experience, cloud services, and Agile software delivery. They also offer managed IT services and network administration through their subsidiary company Crosslin Technologies.

The company is a global leader in product development and digital transformation services. Modus Create is headquartered in Austin, Texas. It acquired Tweag, a company that offers high levels of software assurance, and Atlas Authority in May 2022. They continue to invest in open source projects and have an active open source community.

Table XI

Table XI of Software Development Company is a Chicago-based software design firm that specializes in the design and development of custom software solutions. With more than 15 years of experience, the team builds websites, mobile apps, and custom software for a variety of industries. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies, startups, and SMBs worldwide.

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The company’s culture is an important part of what sets Table XI apart from other software development companies. Table XI works to build an inclusive, diverse workforce that fosters a positive work environment. We do this by providing free benefits to our team members and by keeping a low-profit margin.

DAP’s team began by conducting a comprehensive website audit and analyzing Table XI’s technical SEO performance. They examined Table XI’s website and its landing pages to determine what needed improvement. They also examined broken links, meta descriptions, and keyword rankings. The team then created a comprehensive technical SEO plan to improve Table XI’s online visibility and attract more Chicago customers. DAP even helped Table XI redesign its Google My Business profile so it can be optimized for local searches.


Oxagile is a world-renowned software development company with a proven track record of success that spans over fifteen years. The company has worked with leading companies in a variety of industries, including Disney, Google, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Oxagile is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and RTC certified firm that delivers world-class software solutions to a variety of industries.

The company specializes in web application development and supports clients in the digital transformation of their business. Their teams are composed of experienced software engineers with deep knowledge of core technologies. With more than 100 highly-skilled specialists, Oxagile has successfully delivered over 100 web and mobile projects. Their full-cycle development services include R&D, front-end and back-end development, testing, and QA.

The Oxagile Software Development Company follows a disciplined process for product development. It works on the Agile methodology, allowing for better planning and tracking. It also encourages collaboration among team members. Agile software development also allows for better quality and more efficient project schedules. A team of experts works together to create a better product faster.

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The process of Agile software development is very effective for companies that are looking to deliver value-added products and services. It eliminates wasteful elements and increases the satisfaction of tasks completed. Additionally, because of the collaborative nature of the Oxagile process, everyone will be contributing knowledge and helping each other solve problems. It will also allow for alternative ideas.

Agile is an excellent project management methodology for startups and enterprises, but the right implementation must adapt to your company’s structure and way of working. For instance, a waterfall project may take longer than an Agile one, but it is more flexible. The Agile method makes it easier for teams to adapt to changing customer demands.

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