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 updated April 29, 2022

Instagram is a modern marketing powerhouse. followers on Instagram According to the most recent update, Instagram has more than 1.074 billion active users. Only YouTube and Facebook have more users than any other social network.

It is rapidly growing. In terms of business growth, 75% of US companies use Instagram. Over 81% of Instagram users use Instagram to research products and services.

Instagram boasts a high level of interaction. Instagram’s average interaction rate is 1.22 percent. This is four times as many interactions as on Facebook.

Why should nonprofits use Instagram?

It’s clear why an organization should use Instagram to grow. Instagram has many benefits, including:

1. Engaging Users

Instagram’s interaction rate is very high, as we have already mentioned. The site is visited by Instagrammers often, sometimes several times per day. They also engage with posts more often than other social media networks. Using Instagram correctly, you can tap into a community of passionate, engaged supporters and donors.

2. Younger Audience

Instagram’s target audience is primarily young, female, and global. This allows you to reach all your younger supporters and donors in one location. This is particularly important if Gen Y or Z are your target audience.

3. Very visual

Instagram is all about videos and photos. Written content can’t engage users as well as elicit emotions and responses. Visual content is much more effective at engaging users. Your storytelling is also strengthened by visual content. We all know that nonprofit storytelling is a powerful tool for fundraising and branding.

4. Rapid and Real-Time

Instagram offers a refreshing alternative to the long-form infographics and graphs in traditional marketing materials like your annual report or blog. Your nonprofit’s inner workings are revealed to users through quick updates. Users feel more connected if you post in real-time.

Use Instagram to promote your charities and nonprofits

These are just a few benefits that Instagram can offer your nonprofit.

5. Register for Instagram Business Tools

Sign up for Instagram Business tools before you do anything. It’s free and provides many useful tools you won’t find with a personal account.

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You can, for example, get real-time data on how your stories or promoted posts perform throughout the day, as well as insight into your followers and their interactions with your posts and stories.

You can also add hours and contact us.

Find your account in settings and click Switch to Professional Account.

Select the category that best describes your Business (Nonprofit Organization) and then choose Business. Now you are ready to go. You have an Instagram business account. You can now complete your profile by entering the relevant information.

6. Make your profile stand out

Choose something visually appealing that represents your organization for your profile picture. It should be easily recognizable from both mobile phones and personal computers.

Your description should be eye-catching, relevant to your brand tone, and interesting.

Add a link in your bio. The link should always point to your current fundraising campaign or website if you don’t have one. This link can be referred to later when you post images or Stories.

7. Develop an Instagram Strategy

What are you trying to achieve with your nonprofit organization? This question will guide the rest of your process. How does your Instagram account fit in with the rest of your marketing strategy?

Decide who will manage the account. You can switch between personal and Business accounts by logging in.

Set specific goals and measures for your Instagram account. A certain number of followers or a specific rate of click-throughs are some examples of goals you can set for your Instagram account.

8. Choose Your Feed

Instagram is a visual platform that users love and demand more in terms of quality.

It’s important to post high-quality images and engage your followers. However, consistent and specific feeds are better than profiles with many things.

Pro Tip: Use MemoryFox to gather content from frontline volunteers, beneficiaries, and donors if you don’t have enough content.

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You can edit your photos the same way using VSCO or Lightroom presets (if your skills are more advanced), or you can use the same Instagram filter to align them and give your brand a consistent feel.

You shouldn’t post different types of content. This includes inspirational quotes from CEOs and photos of great nonprofit work. Don’t forget consistency in your postings. This means that you should post frequently and at the same time each day.

9. Make compelling captions

While Instagram is all about visual content, and captions are becoming more important, Your Instagram captions should not be overlooked!

Why is captioning becoming more important than ever before? Instagram signals that a post has received a lot of engagement by getting a lot of likes, comments, and shares. Captions are crucial for user engagement.

There is no one “rule” that will make you write amazing Instagram captions. You will need to experiment until you find the best captions for your audience. Instagram captions can vary from simple and short to more detailed stories. (Instagram captions may be as long as 2200 characters).

Ask your followers to click the link in your bio and donate, answer a question, tag a friend, use your branded hashtag, and do many other actions (but don’t do it in every post).

Include important details in your captions. Instagram captions can be shortened after 3-4 lines of text.

Mention other users, and use hashtags relevant to their interests and audience.

6. Post-Instagram Stories

Over 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day. Instagram Stories, Instagram’s Snapchat-like feature, creates photo or video sequences that disappear within 24 hours of posting. This content is also called temporary.

Since audiences are becoming saturated with polished content, ephemeral content is extremely popular. The desire for authenticity is growing among people. Global research has shown that 86% of consumers believe authenticity is crucial in deciding which organizations they support and love.

Shoutout to your followers for their outstanding work

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10. Make the most of Instagram Stories

It’s not enough to post Instagram stories. You should also make use of Instagram Stories to its full potential. This includes:

Don’t forget Instagram Story Highlights. Stories highlights are collections of images or videos that can be “pinned” to your Instagram account indefinitely. These highlights are a way to share your most important updates, news, and campaigns.

Instagram Stories offer a lot of features. Keep your followers interested and engaged by mixing it up.

11. Do not forget about Hashtags

Your nonprofit’s Instagram success is dependent on hashtags, just like Twitter. Hashtags can be described as keywords that allow you to be found by your target audience when they search for something. They can help you categorize and make your content more visible on Instagram.

12. Engage with your followers

Your Instagram will not grow, regardless of how creative your Instagram Stories are. You won’t be successful if you don’t engage with your followers.

  • The best way to connect with your followers is through direct communication
    • Respond quickly to all comments regarding your videos and photos
    • Make use of Instagram Stories’ Polls and Questions features to collect insights from your followers and answer their questions.
    • Thank your followers directly for their support and donations.
    • Make a hashtag for the campaign. Keep it brief and include your nonprofit’s name. Then ask your followers to snap pictures with your hashtags. Follow your instructions about what images they want.
  • You can visit your followers’ accounts and like and comment on photos. This will help your followers feel appreciated and valued.

Another benefit is engaging with your followers through hashtags: you can obtain user-generated content (UGC). Your profile can be used to post videos and photos from your followers. This will increase trust and credibility among your followers. People trust people more than brands, even if the brand is not for profit.


Top 12 Instagram Tips For Modern Nonprofit Organizations (2022)

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