There are several stressful situations in our lives. So if you surround yourself with indoor plants, it will have a positive impact on your mind. So why not get a lucky bamboo plant for your home or office to lift your mood?

So would you like to know more about these low-maintenance indoor plants? Here we have prepared a compact list of the top ten such plants that you can purchase for decorating your workplace or a corner of your home. So let us have a look!

Check Out The List Of Some Of The Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants

Many of you might already have some indoor plants that you have used to decorate your workplace and home, right? Even if you have a busy schedule, you will be able to keep these plants as they need the least amount of maintenance. Let us find out more about these plants:

Spider Plant

If you prefer hanging planters, spider plants can be the best option. The bushy plant will enliven your home. It is one of the best low-maintenance indoor plants that produce a high amount of oxygen. At the same time, they are known to purify the air from carbon dioxide, xylene, and formaldehyde.

Even if you have pets or children at home, you can easily keep them as they are entirely non-toxic. They have very minimal requirements and can grow anywhere with very less water.

Peace Lily

As the name suggests, they have shiny leaves with white flowers, which add a layer of peace and harmony to your home. In fact, according to NASA, the peace lily is one of the best plants with an effective air purifier. So there will no longer be any harmful pollutants in your room.

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Lucky Bamboo

This plant can grow both in soil and water. However, if you are growing the lucky bamboo plant in water, you have to change it after every two weeks. Moreover, it is believed that they have the five elements of nature in these plants, so they shower good luck and prosperity on people. They need minimal care, and thus, they can be the best low-maintenance indoor plant for you.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is also commonly known as mother-in-law’s tongue. It is one of the best indoor plants to clear the atmosphere from toxins like carbon dioxide, benzene, xylene, etc. Also, it is one of those plants that produce the most oxygen. In return, it just requires a shady area and little water.

Aloe Vera

If you are looking for a low-maintenance plant, then aloe vera can be one of them, with lots of other benefits. For example, the gel extracted from the plants relieves wounds and burns, adds shine to hair and skin, eliminates constipation, and lowers blood sugar levels. So just keep it near a sunny window and water it after 3-4 days.

Money Plant

One of the most famous low-maintenance indoor plants is the money plant, devil’s ivy, golden pothos, or silver vine. It can grow on both soil and water and requires minimal care. Also, it is believed that the money plant brings financial luck to people. However, it needs low light and watering if the topsoil is dry.

Grape Ivy

This is one of the plants that will change the whole look of your indoor area with its gorgeous leaves. So with low light, dry air, or minimal watering, this plant will survive all difficulties and still look beautiful.

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Areca Palm

These indoor plants require indirect or low sunlight, so keep them near the south or west-facing window. Moreover, they belong to the category of those plants that grow very fast. Many people also refer to them as butterfly palms, and they are very popular because of their low-maintenance properties.


These are some of the most beautiful flowers that can instantly win your heart. Also, among all leafy greens, begonia will break the monotony. Moreover, since they are perennial, you will enjoy their view all through the year.

Calathea Peacock

As the name suggests, these plants are very beautiful and will add charm to your living room or study room at once. Moreover, when you have a wall of white or pastel shade, this plant will radiate more with its serene beauty. It is a non-toxic plant to keep them in your house easily.

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say that plants can be the best thing to make your room look unique. At the same time, low-maintenance indoor plants can be ideal for people who have very little time to look after plants. So go ahead and buy a lucky bamboo plant or any of the above plants for your home.

Top 10 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

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