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You want to promote your brand while also connecting with your audience, and you’re looking for the best live streaming platform. We have compiled a list of the twelve live video streaming services that are most deserving of your consideration. Although some of them offer paid premium plans, using them is completely free.

What exactly is meant by the term “live streaming platform”?

A website, application, or piece of software that enables users to broadcast live video is referred to as a “live streaming platform.” When you upload a video to the platform, users will be able to view it in real time once it has been played.

What characteristics define a good service for live streaming? The bare minimum for the service should be the provision of video hosting as well as tools for managing content. In addition to that, it ought to provide fundamental embedding tools, analytics, and monetization options.

Every single one of the platforms that we have listed also includes a social element or is an integral part of a social media platform. This makes it possible for other users to follow you or subscribe to your channel in order to be notified when you go live.


It may be difficult to settle on just one 6streams platform given the current market’s abundance of excellent options in this space. What if, however, you weren’t restricted to just one platform? When you use Restream to multistream, you have access to more than thirty different social channels that you can simultaneously stream to. Why use multiple streams? You can increase the number of people who see you by allowing them to watch you on the platform of their choice.

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Restream can be used without cost and is simple to operate. To get things rolling, all you need is an account with Restream. You have the option of adding channels, such as Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Mixcloud, and your broadcast will automatically upload to all of these platforms at the same time.

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You’ll find everything you need to multistream effectively within Restream’s extensive feature set. You can manage live chats on multiple platforms from within a single window by using Restream Chat. You are able to upload previously recorded videos to Restream Events and then schedule them to play live. Additionally, Restream Analytics provides you with comprehensive data on viewership, which is aggregated from all of the platforms to which you broadcast.

You are able to harness the power of live streaming within your browser with Restream Studio, without the need to download or install any additional applications or software from a third party. You can share your screen, use premade graphics and overlays (or upload your own), and invite guests or co-hosts to participate in your stream all from within the same browser tab.

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The most reliable and user-friendly free streaming platforms for 2022

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