The success of an intranet can actually be summarized in just one question. Do most, if not all, employees rely on the intranet for one business day each day?

If the answer to that question is certainly YES, congratulations! continue! No need to read further. For those of us who are still struggling to hire users and wondering why the old adage “If I build it, they’ll come” doesn’t hold water on the intranet … this article Is for you.

While many organizations have had great success on intranet sites, not many are comparable to North Vancouver District (DNV) and Intranet District Junctions. Built using Intranet Software, Intranet Connections, DNV has grown Intranet as the number one place for all employees to obtain corporate information. Users not only access the intranet every day, but also rely on it. The following tips show how we achieved this widespread adoption of intranets.

[North Vancouver, ITS Manager, Rick Pratt]

If the site is shut down for upgrades or maintenance, help desk inquiries will be off the chart. Intranet success is , Combining the KISS principle with the following six simple introductory rules. “

Rule 1:

Don’t Build but purchase because purchase is generally cheaper and offers more features because it causes less headaches than building your own intranet.

Rule 2:

Do not manage by the committee Select two (top three) staff members who will be responsible for the intranet and ask them to guide their evolution. We seek feedback from all departments, but leave the decision-making to the core group (including the intranet software products you purchase).

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Rule 3: Include an intranet in everyone’s startup When an employee logs on to the network every day, the first thing they see is the intranet. The user returns to the intranet several times during the day and keeps the browser session open on the desktop.

Rule 4:

Phone directories (with photos) to create useful categories, company forms, help desk how-tos, press clippings, commonly used web links, training courses, stationery orders, policies, calendars, etc. Make it easy to find content to use for corporate events, staff event photos, org charts, job listings, general announcements (catchall apps), and even fun things like recipes, marketplaces, and fun photos. I will throw it in.

Rule 5:

Don’t get caught up in security or approval that allows anyone to publish your content. In our experience, staff do not abuse the right to post content anywhere on the intranet. They respect their natural boundaries and encourage them to be frequent contributors who will a) make your intranet a great success and b) keep it fresh with new content. Accidents can occur (which can occur 5 times in 10 years or more), but in many cases these can be fixed within minutes.

Rule 6:

Shuts down the ability to send email to large groups (or worse, the entire company) within your organization that limits global email. The largest email group should be at the department level. All communications beyond that must be on the intranet. If you continue to allow email as a competing communication format, your intranet will suffer and struggle.

Six Steps to Intranet Success and Grow Your Business Effectively

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