Should athletes be paid for playing on college and university teams?

Universities or colleges offer students social, humanitarian, athletic, or academic pursuits to participate in their whole study. Athletics is considered the best extracurricular activity of educational institutions. Athlete allows students to compete and develop relationships, time management skills, leadership, or strength. Student-athletes are students part-time or full-time; they participate in their studies and competitive or organized athletic programs.

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So the life of a student-athlete is not easy. It is difficult for them to attend classes or participate in all sports activities. That’s why student-athlete is not all good in their studies. At the time of exams, when they feel trouble preparing for their course, they look for the best online exam help service to improve their exam grades. This article will discuss why this athlete should be paid or not by their college or university.

Student-athletes are getting scholarships, not salaries.

College or universities are getting billions of dollars in sports. All get this money except athletes. Colleges or universities just offered scholarships to athletes, not paid them. But it is also argued that only some institutions are those that equally give scholarships to the athlete, not all.

Athletes of college and universities should be paid

There are the following reasons that show that the athletes of college or university should be paid. These reasons are:

  1. They get cash for their college or university
  2. They give valuable exposure to their college and university
  3. Athletes need money to spend
  4. In case of injury, they must deserve compensation
  5. Sports taking away athletes from studies
  • They get cash for their college and university.
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The college or universities are indeed getting a lot of cash due to the sports of their athletes. But they don’t give it to their athletes, but they deserve to get it. These athletes are working hard like other players getting so much money due to these sports. Every player around them makes money, but the athletes generating revenue for their college or university get nothing. It is not fair to them.

  • They give valuable exposure to their college and university.

Athletes are bringing valuable exposure to their institutions that boost donations and applications. Athletes that win sports increase the rank of their college or university. When most people become familiar with these colleges or universities, more students will enrol on them due to their popularity. So the athletes that also become the reason for exposure to their institution deserve something in return. It is important for the motivation of the athletes.

  • Athletes need money to spend

Athletes also want money to spend like other students. They get scholarships, but it does not fill their pockets for entertainment or incidentals. Some athletes are not financially strong. But due to sports activities, they don’t have enough time to meet their expenditures. So they should need money to fulfil their expense.

  • In case of injury, they must deserve compensation.

Athletes have more chances of injuries while playing sports. Due to these injuries, they need treatments, so they deserve compensation. Sometimes they get serious damage or disability for lifelong. In this way, they will lose their scholarship or the opportunity to play or professionally earn millions potentially. In short, their career as a player can destroy. So they deserve the money to stay active or get proper treatments in case of injuries.

  • Sports taking away athletes from studies
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Sports are required as time commitments, which may cut students’ study time. For an athlete, it becomes difficult to manage their academic requirements. They also need higher grades to get the best future jobs; otherwise, they can’t compete in this competitive market. Sometimes they need to take online classes help compensate for their study requirements. For this help, they also need some money.

Athletes of college and university should not be paid.

Some reasons show that athletes should not be paid.

These reasons are:

  1. They get a full scholarship
  2. It could be difficult to determine salaries
  3. Athletes are getting several resources for success
  4. A big college or university will be bigger, or a smaller will be smaller
  • They get full scholarships.

One of the arguments against paying athletes is that they are already getting full scholarships from their college or university. But some are receiving partial scholarships. So think they don’t need extra money when receiving a scholarship.

  • It could be difficult to determine salaries.

When colleges or universities start to pay athletes, the system could become messy because they will be confused about who can or how much. It is not easy to decide fairly. It is so confusing to manage all these reasons. Athletes are not professional players so they can get paid like them; if the coach decides their pay, then it is also possible the coach will have their son in this team.

  • Athletes are getting several resources for success.

In addition to scholarships, the athletes also get other resources like free tuition fees, textbooks, or academic needs. They get maximum resources to ensure they can succeed in classroom study with sports. So it is also a reason they don’t get paid because they also get extra advantages from their classmates.

  • A big college or university will be bigger, or a smaller will smaller
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Big colleges or universities are powerhouses with high donors, but smaller institutions are not. If this college or university starts to give pay to athletes, they will get more done; in this way, they will become bigger. That’s not good for smaller. They may be diaspora because they can’t compete with the big institutions. However, there are also other reasons except for these reasons mentioned above. The reasons are genuine, which indicates whether athletes should be paid or not. It depends on the college or university what they decide for their athlete. Undoubtedly, these athletes are increasing in popularity at their college or university, so if they will get some money sometimes as prizes, then it is not bad.

Should athletes be paid for playing on college and university teams?

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