Product Lyrics SemiCal.

Product Lyrics SemiCal

Little did they know that I got a little flow
Stuff a little hoe like thanksgiving dinner
Thanks for the evening
Got a bitch cheesin’
Swipe it off her face
Put the money in the briefcase
I remember when I had a dollar to my name
I remember authenticity in the game
What a fucking shame
Rollin’ up a paper plane for a plain jane
‘For I go MIA

Since ‘06 I been writin’ some shit
Make em go “oh he don’t miss”
“He don’t miss”
“No he don’t miss”
Back back back up off me bitch
I flipped that switch
Two 1 zip
To the Hollywood hills
Molly or pills
Never been a product
Like gucci or Prada
I won’t get no start up
I seen way too many things fall apart
I been moving on my own, how I started off
Almost killed a motherfucker
I called it off
That’s my sicario
Hit bricks of this shit like I’m Mario
Shrooms to the cap
Bussin’ right back
I’m too into math
Digits and commas in common
With everything I correspond with

Keep you fuckers in the comments
Never go back on my promises
You can ask Roderick
You can ask all of the prophets
Doubting, you making me nauseous
Cross to my exhaust
Like Jesus Christ
We smoke a lot
That’s a Wayne type bar
Used to hop on Wayne type beats
Young money millionaire
I skeet skeet skeet on a pretty face
Then I go and win a race
What a fuckin chase
You ain’t fuckin’ with the greats
Cause you a phase
A little more out of mind
Then out of shape
And I ain’t ran in some days
Don’t run away
It’s been a very long time but I had to pray
Everything is okay in crunch time
Things’ll never be the same
But I’m doing fine
Everything is okay in crunch time
Things’ll never be the same
But I’m doing fine
I’m doing fine

You miss the procedure
I have enough leisure
To take us to the meteors
With a few features
I’m the motherfuckin’ reaper
I see from beneath you
Shoot beams like vegeta
Bitch I’m your new leader

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