Recover Deleted PDF Files from a Pen Drive

Can the PDF we lost to be recovered? The answer is yes, the PDF files can be retrieved. Perhaps PDF is the universally announced best format available globally for large-sized files or contents, for the tutorial, for court evidence with the owner’s security key, for books for new generations to save papers, etc. As we know, PDF is the same as all file types, so it can be lost or deleted. This weblog will help to recover deleted PDF files from a pen drive. We will run about three procedures to resolve this Pen drive problem.

However, we recommend taking a backup of the pen drive before continuing the manual procedure for recovering the PDF files from the USB drive. It happens when we complete the procedure and we are unable to get the result according to your desire. In that case, we will use the recovery software to restore the PDF files.

Procedure 1: Restore PDF Files from the Recycle Bin

However, make sure you do not delete the data from the recycle bin or use the shift+delete button in the process of deletion.

  • Afterward, locate your lost PDF file inside the recycle bin and open it.
  • Right-click the item and choose “restore” from the menu.
  • Your files will now be returned to their original place.

If you use the shit+delete button while deleting, then this procedure is useless for you.

Procedure 2: Using the Previous Version to Recover Deleted PDF Files from a Pen Drive

This feature of Windows helps users restore deleted or lost PDF files.
from the flash drive. Follow the instructions.

  • Right-click on the directory or drive in which the pdf items are missing or have been removed.
  • Select “restore the previous version” from the drop-down menu.
  • Drag and drop the previous edition’s pdf file to a new destination.
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Make sure you activated the history of files feature in the previous version before losing the PDF files.

Procedure 3: Dependable Solution to Recover the PDF Files

This automatic USB Data Recovery Wizard is the best-specialized option you will ever find with zero demerits and limitations. This tool recovers deleted PDF files from the pen drive. The best option for low-tech skill users and also for novice users It can be easily installed on all versions of the operating system of Windows.

Some Main Features of Software

  • Contribute two modes of scanning-formatted scan and scan
  • Recover the files in formats like FAT, exFAT, and NTFS.
  • Also, retrieve the hidden PDF files from the pen drive.
  • Supported GPT partition recovery.
  • Restore the permanently removed, corrupted, and formatted files from the pen drive.
  • Support for Windows OS all versions.

Instructions for Pen Drive Recovery Tool

  • Open Software and choose the drive where the lost pdf files are saved.
  • To scan the specified drive, pick the SCAN option.
  • Following the completion of the scanning procedure, you may examine the retrieved formatted data from the Flash drive. It will appear in red.
  • Now, select SAVE and either save or export the specified PDF files or the whole folder.

Time to Conclude

In conclusion, the weblog covers all the procedures to recover deleted PDF files from a pen drive or a flash drive seo company houston. We talk according to the ease of users; the manual method and the automatic solution. Taking regular backups of your important files is the best decision of your life. So this will save you time and also money on the cost of the software to recover the PDF files from any type of pen drive or flash drive.

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How to Recover Deleted PDF Files from a Pen Drive

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