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Matarenda Lyrics Reap3r Song Starts

Uh huh, yeah yeah, you might need to take a seat for this one
I think I’m gon call VI The Law “VI The Keys”, I’m liking the keys right now
Yeah, yeah, for those who drink that white wine & red wine
Just pour yourself a glass and just sit and relax before you contemplate on what’s about to come

Verse One
With this light of mine imma write til we shine
Get the dollar bill every second I invest in
Put the work as an A-student I finess
And this life is a chess game but we still draughtsmen
Nonetheless I’m wearing formal and I’m feeling fine
The dresses in-between is a measurement of wealth
Now I’m packing ideas for these brands to digest in
I was born to do all, you can check my innings
Winning – is a language that I have been mastering
Coming from the fields of Mr Laban with the bounty
I Humpty Dumpty in my spare time, coaching every youngin
That’s how I do it for my God is in it

Hook (Sample)
Aya ndiwo matarenda
Aya ndiwo matarenda
Aya ndiwo matarenda
Aya ndi, aya ndi…

Verse 2
This Humpty Dumpty game might just take me further
Zvinhu zvacho zvakapresser but I like the pressure
Nowadays I’m sleeping lesser so I can get the ZESA
‘Cause anytime is tea time when they pass the tester
This 8-5 is sponsoring every move I am scheming
I’m really contemplating how long I’ll be moving at this pace
All I want is sustainance, the system ain’t providing
Now I’m doing other things so as to get to my line
This degree was a tool, nowadays it’s a mule
The opportunity hidden but I made my two back
Still my God is in it and I ain’t complaining
Steady maintaining the flow as I use where I am to grow


Verse 3
Master I knew you were harsh and demanding
Reaping where you never sowed, is it capitalism?
I’m looking at the current state of things, I be struggling
I wanna live comfortably with the music feeding me
I never sent the gift in the ground but pardon me
The other time I thought I was making moves to the money
Nevertheless I never moved ahead with the education
As far as I’m concerned, it’s a donation to the system
We was piling ideas up, praying for successes
Writing rhymes everyday, performing at them open mics
The instrumentals got me open, Mike may I preach it
They thinking they are hip hop, you aren’t independent
We busy in they DMs and emails and phone calls
I check my handles on a daily basis
Got my gift in the ground anticipating germination
The precipitation coming, I wish I had diversified

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