Although the causes of erectile dysfunction are varied, they are usually related to some form of underlying medical condition. Some of the physical causes of erectile dysfunction include smoking, stress, and hypertension. This article will discuss some of the most common causes of ED, as well as ways to cure them. Listed below are the most important physical causes of erectile dysfunction:


The body has many systems, including the nervous system, blood vessels, muscles, hormones, and emotions, which all play a role in achieving an erection. Stress, anxiety, and other psychological factors may affect these systems, resulting in a reduced sex drive. In addition to these factors, stress triggers an increase in stress hormones, which lower testosterone levels. The brain may also send signals that cause impotence to form.

For many men, feeling embarrassed about seeking medical attention for erectile dysfunction often prevents them from seeking treatment. This can delay the diagnosis of serious underlying medical conditions. Erectile dysfunction is often a symptom of a larger ailment, such as coronary artery disease. To improve communication between a doctor and patient, doctors should ask patients about sexual function. Asking about the quality of a man’s erection can help detect a more serious condition early. Fildena 100mg and Fildena 150 mg is best medicine to treat erectile dysfunction.

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If you are a man who has a problem with erections, smoking may be a major cause. Research shows that cigarette smoke can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED). A study of 65 sexually active men found that smoking significantly impaired erections. After completing counseling sessions and nicotine patches, the participants were tested three times using a penile plethysmograph.

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a persistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection. Despite efforts, smoking is the main cause. ED affects men of all ages, including young and old. In this article, we’ll discuss the possible link between smoking and ED and other causes. However, we can’t dismiss the possibility that other factors, such as stress, may also contribute to the problem. Get rid of erectile dysfunction with Fildena 50 mg.


Some people have a difficult time achieving a solid erection. This can be due to a variety of physical causes. Those who have high blood pressure can have difficulty achieving an erection because their veins and blood vessels are not working properly. Hypertension can cause blood to rush into the penis but then exit very quickly. Over time, the effects of hypertension can become significant and a man may not even know he has the problem.

The physical causes of erectile dysfunction can be quite complex and largely unavoidable. However, there are several treatments like Fildena 25 mg and Super Fildena available to improve your erections. One such treatment is vasectomy, which can alleviate some men’s problems. Others may experience dizziness, high blood pressure, and pain from the procedure. However, some men may not be able to tolerate the risks and could need surgical intervention.

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Premature ejaculation

A doctor’s diagnosis of PE is based on several factors. The primary cause is psychological problems, but it may be a sign of an underlying physical problem. The physical cause of PE is still unclear. PE always occurs before sexual penetration and is followed by a climacteric period of about one minute. Moreover, it has negative personal consequences, including frequent and prolonged ejaculation and avoidance of intimacy. Thankfully, early ejaculation can be treated and the symptoms can be reduced.

Despite its physical and psychological causes, premature ejaculation affects many males and can have a significant impact on a man’s quality of life. Aside from impairing sexual life and lowering self-esteem, premature ejaculation can also cause relationship issues, which can affect the quality of a man’s relationship with his partner. The good news is that it’s possible to treat premature ejaculation with proven methods.


Men are not supposed to be embarrassed about sexual health problems, including erectile dysfunction. However, being embarrassed about such problems can delay the diagnosis of serious conditions. Some men are suffering from ED because of underlying medical conditions, including progressive coronary artery disease. To prevent this problem, doctors should be more direct with their patients, asking about the sexual function of the men in their lives.

Depending on the underlying cause of the problem, a medical specialist can prescribe oral medications to improve erectile function. Non-surgical options may include injecting medications and performing procedures. There are also other options, such as counseling with a psychologist. Each treatment has its benefits and drawbacks. The primary purpose of a medical specialist is to help you treat ED and avoid a more serious condition.

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Stress on the heart

Stress on the heart and the penis go hand in hand. While ignoring a healthy lifestyle can lead to many health issues including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis, ignoring lifestyle changes can also cause problems with erections. Lifestyle changes like exercise, eating a balanced diet, and giving up smoking can help your penis and improve your erections.

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Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

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