Acquisition of technology

The customer can choose whether to employ the applicant on their own account or through our services. Our dedicated recruitment team will help you identify top talent with the best skill set at the most competitive rates. Our team can organize and run extensive tours at our head offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Peopleperfectae has successfully completed several recruitment initiatives and in a short period of time have recruited over 150 employees from domestic and international markets for our clients. In addition, Peopleperfectae has provided a large number of UAE employees with HR consulting, relevant skills training and career guidance on a regular basis.

Letter of delivery and delivery

Peopleperfectae is best HR Outsourcing Companies in UAE. At Ultimate HR Solutions, we design UAE acceptance letters as per our clients requirements and specifications. In addition, our dedicated relationship managers provide personalized onboarding and/or training for all new employees based on our clients’ needs.

Reference checks and police clearances

All employees Peopleperfectae hire, whether in-house or contract, are subject to background checks and references are reviewed for the last five years of employment. Assessment includes educational assessment and reference checks and/or verbal/written references from previous employers. Each open task is identified with an appropriate intervention. All UHRS employees staying in the UAE for more than 6 months must present an identification document issued by the Dubai Police. We ensure that only employees who have completed a police check and license can join our client group.

Visa processing

Once the offer letter is signed and other details are cleared, we ensure that the work permit and visa are processed on time through our company’s work system. Peopleperfectae maintain a sufficient number of approved visas to process visas at any time as requested by our clients. In addition, we continually review our TAT for employment authorization, visa stamps and health checks to ensure we provide the best p HR Outsourcing Companies in UAE in accordance with industry standards and regulations. Whether you are applying for a visa in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the following is a checklist completed by our visa team for all UHRS employees:

• Apply for the application at the outset

• Tools to support the process

• Immigration and visa processing fees for entry and exit visa processing in Dubai

• Apply for an Emirates ID

• Health systems management

• Visa stamp

• Visa check-in at the airport

• airport shipping and handling services

• OK-on-board control

• Hotel booking and ticket booking

• Assistance for workers on family visas

• Staff assistance in finding housing.

• Create new employees in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc.

Calculation of payment

Our automated payment solutions provide our clients with a complete ERP solution and our ISO certified team manages all processes such as processing payment information, preparing payroll records and periodic payment reports in a manner the best.private, automatic and efficient. This allows our customers to focus on their core business while Peopleperfectae take care of their maintenance concerns, HR Outsourcing Companies in UAE. saving time and helping to increase productivity and profitability.

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We recently upgraded our system to the cloud to 1) give our clients access to the work of their employees and their new employees and 2) give our employees access to confidential information such as certificates pass, document of work card. , payment vouchers, NOC and security and apply for leave through our ERP solution. Our payroll team ensures that on a monthly basis all employee accounts are opened and salaries are paid through WPS in accordance with UAE Labor Law.

User Services / Exit Procedure

As an HR company, Peopleperfectae pride ourselves on the exceptional service we provide not only to our clients, but also to all of our employees. We ensure employees are paid 100% on time. In addition, we check Tats for all mail requests, visa processing and cancellations for our employees. We have a TAT of less than 24 hours for all our employee letter requests

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