Recently, KTM Motorcycles cooperated with German tuning brand Brabus to launch its first retro-style motorcycle, the Brabus 1300R, based on the KTM 1290 Super Duke EVO.

The new bike gives us a glimpse of KTM’s tentative approach to the retro field.

It is no coincidence that SKK AutoDesign tuning studio from India, based on the KTM 790 Duke prototype, has also released an impressive rendering of the Cafe Racer.

The 790 Cafe Racer concept combines available parts from KTM’s lineup, such as the headlight inherited from the 1290 Adventure, the front fenders from the RC390 and the 790 Duke and 790 Adventure versions of the flowers.

At the same time, the details of the popular Cafe Racer models from other brands have been borrowed, resulting in a completely different look.

Another highlight of the 790 Cafe Racer is the exhaust system hidden under the engine, giving the bike a cleaner and more aggressive look.

The new look breaks the performance, hardcore stereotype that KTM has long given.

Compared to the Brabus 1300R, there is no doubt that the 790 Cafe Racer is more workable and achievable, so the question arises, is KTM expected to develop a retro bike line independently next? As a partner of KTM, Chunfeng has gained a lot of popularity in recent years with a 700CL-X in the domestic and international markets, which has improved the negative perceptions of many foreign riders towards Chinese-made motorcycles.

Husqvarna, a sister brand, has been integrated into KTM Group since 2013, and with its blue, yellow and white colors, which are symbolic of Sweden, and its unique Scandinavian minimalist design language, many people have remembered the brand, and in just a few years, it has pried the modern retro market segment cake. The success of these two brands in the retro segment will have some influence on the strategic layout of KTM.

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Perhaps we have reason to expect that there will be a day of mass production of KTM retro bikes!

Learn More about KTM 790 Duke

KTM has fused the elements of a street bike with high versatility and a free-spirited slick bike to create the unique Duke series. The 390 Duke has a single-cylinder engine with nearly 400 c.c., a lightweight body and the advantage of yellow road rights, and has a wide range of fans in the Taiwan market. Since the KTM 790 Duke was unveiled at the Milan Motor Show in ’17, the 790 Duke has set track records on many tracks and road races in a very short period of time. But surprisingly, KTM has recently announced that the 790 Duke will be reintroduced to the market again this year!

The 2022 790 Duke has no changes to its specifications or power figures, and is powered by the same LC8c parallel-twin engine with 105 hp and 87Nm peak torque, 43mm WP inverted forks, pre-adjustable mid-shock, four power modes and various electronic controls. From a comprehensive point of view, the configuration of the bike still does not look bad today, so we have to admire the tuning ability of the KTM engineering team.

In terms of appearance, the family-oriented amoeba front end and the tall fuel tank design with a touch of off-road flavor need no introduction.

Since the 790 Duke was replaced by the 890 Duke last year, KTM’s reintroduction of the 790 Duke this year is no doubt quite puzzling. As for the exact reason, we can only wait for time to give us the answer.

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The 2022 KTM 790 Duke will go on sale in Europe around June at a price of 8,999 Euros (about NT$280,000), a difference of about 43,000 Euros compared to the 2020 price of 10,395 Euros. It will be interesting to see how the market reacts to the re-introduction of the 790 Duke to the market.

KTM pushes retro bike, you see the line?

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