Is Kasta Helping Crypto Customers Worldwide?

Cryptocurrency has created a whole new industry around it and is becoming more mainstream in the last few years. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which a decentralized system manages transactions using cryptography. People were unaware of cryptocurrency when it came on the world stage with the introduction of Bitcoin (BTC).

However, cryptocurrency has withstood the test of time and is now widely recognized as an ideal alternative to fiat among global leaders and top celebrities.

Carl Runefelt, alias, The Moon is a global crypto leader who has already invested in more than 350 crypto startups. He says, “Fiat is the worst form of money as it is vulnerable to inflation and Bitcoin is the best form of money as it is safe and corruption-free.”

He is pushing for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and is the co-founder of Kasta, which is a blockchain alternative to mainstream mobile payment services. It aims at making crypto transactions smooth and simple and creating a global economy based on cryptocurrency.

Let us find out how Kasta is helping cryptocurrency customers worldwide.

What is Kasta?

Many global leaders have labelled cryptocurrency as the most ideal alternative to fiat that is vulnerable to inflation. However, the mass adoption of cryptocurrency lies in its accessibility to everyone. Kasta provides an alternative to mobile payments in cryptocurrency. The platform aims at steering the global financial system towards cryptocurrency adoption and a crypto-based economy.

Kasta is an excellent platform for anyone to enter the crypto world. The platform simplifies cryptocurrency transactions and makes them readily available in a convenient manner. There are zero extra charges involved in crypto transactions anywhere in the world through Kasta.

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Carl says, “We are in a transitionary period going from a fiat-based economy to a crypto-based economy. Kasta will play a big role in this transition by becoming the new Venmo but working on a global scale.”

Carl believes that the widespread recognition of cryptocurrency is based on trustworthiness and security around them that he vouches through his YouTube channel, The Moon.

Challenges with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is highly volatile and predicting gains is difficult. Therefore, an individual might be reluctant to invest in cryptocurrency considering its volatility. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies face challenges such as high transaction fees, static currency exchange, and a lack of diverse payment methods.

However, Kasta, makes cryptocurrency transactions smooth and simple. It aims at making the complicated process of cryptocurrency transactions easy with minimum time and transaction fees.

Role of Kasta in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency transactions using different wallets, addresses, and networks can be challenging for individuals. It increases the time of transactions and their fees.

Global crypto leader Carl says, “Kasta is looking to attract a wider variety of users by opening the platform to cross-border payments by opening its platform to a wide range of financial transaction possibilities.”

Kasta is a cryptocurrency platform that aims at tackling all issues related to cryptocurrency transactions through its revolutionizing features to make the user’s experience more convenient. Anyone can send, receive, and store cryptocurrency instantly across the globe through Kasta.

The platform enables individuals to make cryptocurrency transactions anywhere in the world by using their phone numbers, QR codes or email addresses that give one relief from using crypto wallets.

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Carl believes that Kasta has a key role in the global transition from fiat to cryptocurrency. Kasta has an easy swap engine that allows individuals to choose between currencies they would like to receive payments in.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency has shown enormous potential for growth since it first appeared with the introduction of Bitcoin (BTC). However, the mass adoption of cryptocurrency revolves around its accessibility and diversification that Kasta promotes. The platform provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to enter the crypto world with ease of transactions and enhanced safety.

Is Kasta Helping Crypto Customers Worldwide?

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