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While living in an era full of innovations and constantly working to make things easier for the consumers, we had to search for some reliable & most effective solutions.

Online webinar services are a perfect example that tends to attract customers with its quality features & time-saving services. Choosing the right webinar platform for your business is something very challenging task.

From product marketing to interact with your potential customers, only the right choice of them can help you meet your required goals & targets.

In this blog, we will be discussing different types of webinars & their benefits of using. Along with this, we will also be covering some of the most popular webinar platforms of the year 2022.

Webinars – All you need to know in 2022

Live Webinar software is used are extensively used for hosting events such as – seminars, presentations, meetings, or any other kind of one-to-one event.

The software can be downloaded and installed on your remote device like- desktop, laptops, etc., or can be directly streamed with your web browser. The software has been designed to feature the webinar to large audiences across the globe.

Basically, webinars are of different types like – on-demand webinars, live webinar sessions, etc. Similarly, webinar software or tools are of two types namely – Downloadable & browser-based webinar software.

The browser-based webinar software has a high attendance rate in comparison with downloadable because of its automatically updating of the software thus making it easier to add the user license and manage.

Parameters for choosing your Interactive Webinar Platform

Below are some of the common parameters which are directly linked with the selection of the best platform to host your event –

  • Marketing – for this purpose, the webinar online must come with analytics as well as information about the attendees. It should have feature like – an automated mail system embedded in it.
  • Customer Training – when you are in need of customer training & your service demonstration “screen sharing” is the option you are searching for. By this, your customers can take follow-ups during the ongoing session.
  • Internal Events- some best online webinar platforms allow multiple sessions to be planned at once. Email invitations can also be scheduled in advance.
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5 Reasons why Webinars are good for Business Point of View

We understand the importance of the webinar platform for businesses. It is very easy to overlook many of the benefits that can come from running webinars in your business.

Here are some of the most popular reasons why webinars are extremely useful tools for the business purpose –

Represents you as a Thought Leader in your Field

So what if your webinar is free of cost !! . Because you are not charging anything from the audience doesn’t mean they are not exchanging anything at all.

By visiting your landing page which has been created with the help of webinar services, they are providing valuable details which can be used for further contact them.

All the efforts right from registering, to scheduling events in their calendar, to watching you live for 1-3 hours is just to listen to you!

Can Make Sales Without actually Selling Anything

While delivering the content as per the requirement of the audience, your webinar event tends to soft – sale your prospects without actually pushing your viewers to buy something.

The content should showcase problems, kill objections, and above all illustrate what your target viewers want.

No Geographical Barrier Whatsoever

This is one of the most important reasons which is purely responsible for the success of your webinar. With the help of webinars event live streaming services, you are able to connect with hundreds of people right over the internet.

It is not possible for the logistics to work in favour of every business. With no accommodation, no travelling & comfortable sitting anywhere in the world with the help of a Spectrum Internet connection, webinars tend to provide quality content along with proper marketing.

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Keeping Audience Engaged

There are mainly two reasons that make webinars very special from a business point of view. Most of the webinar sessions are live and if somebody misses out they won’t be able to watch!

This is the power of scarcity among the viewers & is the foundation of any perfect webinar campaign.

Delivering Tremendous Value

This is one of the main reasons why has shifted webinars in the first place when it comes to business.

If your event goes right with a good choice of content and interaction with the audience with the help of some best webinar platforms, it will surely keep your audience engaged for long hours and will end up making potential customers.

Some Popular Webinar Platforms of 2022

Here is the list of some of the popular webinar platforms which can really help you in making your webinar event successful –


  • This is a popular enterprise-level webinar platform that comes without any enterprise-level price tag.
  • With this live webinar platform, users can easily customize their webinars to match their brand.
  • It offers HD Adaptive bitrate video which ensures a high-quality experience for users.


  • Webex comes with whole new exciting features such as the “Host Room” along with HD audio & video services which can be processed on multiple devices.
  • With the help of the Webex platform, you can easily hold meetings throughout your organization.


  • Dream cast is one of the popular online webinar platforms which offers immersive features such as – unlimited streaming, Clap sound, multiple devices,s and live real-time audience interaction.
  • It also offers end-to-end customization which covers aspects related to design & functionality that empowers users to customize their webinar.
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  • AnyMeeting is a perfect match for small enterprises, startups as well as educational institutes.
  • It is one of the most popular webinar platforms which offers varied price packages that instantly allow you to host up to 1000 attendees.


Webinars are a potent tool to attract an audience and make your business successful. But, fairly not all are able to generate what they actually required.

Interactive webinar platforms thus focus on engagement with the audience in the best possible way so as to ensure some sound output in return.

It uses features like – polling, Questionnaires, real-time feedback from experts, and customized templates to engage the audience for long hours.

All about Interactive Webinar Platforms in 2022

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