How To Safely Remove A Murphy Bed From The Floor

Murphy beds are becoming more and more popular as people try to find ways to maximize their space. If you have one in your home, there may come a time when you need to remove it from the floor, whether it’s to use the area underneath or because something needs repaired under there. In that case, make sure you remove it safely by following these steps before dismantling your bed frame.

Before you start

If your murphy bed is mounted to your floor, it will probably be built with large brackets. Most of them can simply be removed by unscrewing them and screwing them back into place once they are up against your new walls. However, be sure to check and double-check your product’s instructions before trying anything that seems out of line with what they say.

If nothing else, take pictures along the way so that someone else who might buy it in years can figure out how to do things correctly. And let us know how it goes! Good luck!

Determine if it can be removed

Before any major work begins, it’s important to make sure your Murphy bed can actually be removed. That might seem obvious, but there are other factors to consider as well. For example, how much clearance will there be between your new ceiling and where your head hits when sitting up in bed?

Is there enough space around each corner of your mattress for another two feet or more of headroom? How difficult is it going to be for you and your partner and even visitors from time-to-time to menu ever into position? Do any walls need to be moved out in order for everything  comes together?

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Make space for removal

While some Murphy beds are mounted on wheels, it’s best to remove them from their casings before removing them from your home. If yours is not on wheels, simply slide out of its frame. Mounted models can be removed by carefully removing the screws in each corner, making sure not to scratch or damage your walls in any way.

Once those are taken off and set aside, grab both sides of your bed and pull it toward yourself until it’s flush against your wall. With that, you’ll have just enough space for removal! To see other great ways of creating extra space in small areas like under or around your bed check out our complete guide below: The Best Ways to Hide Anything Around Your Home (Once You Clean Under There!)

Flip up on its side

Murphy beds are simple and convenient. All that’s required for assembly is an Allen wrench or screwdriver and about an hour of your time. It takes about 20 minutes or so to take down; in its folded position, most Murphy beds will fit within 8 inches of adjacent walls making it perfect for apartments or small rooms where space is at a premium.

And since its frame pivots upward on rollers during disassembly, removal is easily accomplished even from behind a door that prevents standard removal. Simply pull out one end until it clears and flip up onto its side—the murphy bed will then slide out easily in two pieces.

Disconnect frame of box spring or mattress.

Some Murphy beds have frames that are built directly into a wall or ceiling. In these cases, it is necessary to disconnect your mattress from its frame. The easiest way is usually to remove your mattress from its frame and box spring (if applicable).

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Once they are out of their frame, flip them over so they’re lying on top of one another with their outside facing inward. Flip them back over once again so that they’re now placed underneath where they were resting before being removed.

Assemble all other pieces (including your Murphy bed) without your mattress or box spring attached and slides it into place. When you’re satisfied with how everything looks, mount your frame back onto any surface where it was previously mounted.

Raise the front of box spring, mattress & frame out of room.

There are two main types of Murphy beds: those mounted directly to floor and those raised on legs. If you have one of these, removing it from your home can be quite simple. All that’s required is raising the front end high enough so it can be pushed out of your room.

To ensure both your safety and that of your hardware, contact an experienced handyman service who will assess your situation and advise accordingly. It’s also worth noting that some Murphy beds require special disassembly before removal for reasons such as size (of mattress) or clearance between box spring and ceiling (to avoid hitting mount). Wherever possible, dismantle wooden part first in order to get better access at bottom of panel.

How To Safely Remove A Murphy Bed From The Floor

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