Every website requires access to an online “home.” Hosting provider like Namecheap provides space on servers (a computer with one or more massive modern hard drives that store every bit of data, including images, text, and other data on your website’s contents). It makes it accessible for anyone who wants to access the Internet.

It is possible to ask, “couldn’t I just host my site on my PC?” While some people have their servers for websites, remote Hosting through an organization such as Namecheap gives you a range of options ordinary people can’t compete with. Web Hosting in Karachi is reliable and also provides essential services, such as:

  • Backups that are ongoing and redundant in the event of hardware failure
  • Software such as cPanel will assist you in controlling your site and other files.
  • Support from our customer service team will assist you in creating an account.
  • Staff and climate-controlled areas to ensure servers run at their peak efficiency.
  • Tech support is available 24 hours daily to ensure that servers are secure against loss, low load/bandwidth usage, and unauthorized access.
  • If you were to host a typical website, offering the same hosting service that Namecheap provides for only a few dollars per month is prohibitive.

Types of Hosting

Namecheap offers the following kinds of services for hosting

  • HostShared
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • dedicated servers
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

There are a lot of choices. Which one should you decide on?

Hosting solutions differ based on how the servers are set up and the level of access users them. Let’s look at it in detail.

 1. Shared Hosting

It is perfect for those who aren’t familiar with websites. It’s the cheapest option, and it’s the easiest to set up and maintain. It’s an excellent choice for personal sites, blogs, and small-sized business websites that don’t have a large volume of traffic or have large broadband (such as videos). Users have access to cPanel, providing them with the capability to install databases as well as applications, manage emails as well as use FTP to move files between and to servers, as well as also monitor the usage of bandwidth.

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As the name implies, It is the combination of Web Hosting accounts hosted on the same server. With Namecheap, you get a web-based Control Panel (cPanel) that allows you to easily upload your website, set up email accounts, and add databases without understanding MySQL or programming languages.

In shared Hosting, a third party manages all server maintenance. Once your site is up and functioning, you rarely will need to log in to the cPanel.

In reality, you will face some limitations in bandwidth and traffic (file transfers videos, file transfers, etc. ) because you share hosting space with users. There is also the possibility of high traffic (from your website or else’s) which could slow your website. There are limitations to the things you can install and alter in the shared hosting account. Namecheap is a shared hosting service. Namecheap offers three different levels of shared Hosting.

2. Reseller Hosting

It is a different kind of shared Hosting. It is an excellent option for web designers and developers who manage their customer’s websites continuously.

Reseller hosting plans share accounts with additional tools that help you sell hosting space to customers. The reseller package offers a greater level of control, including the Web Hosting Manager (WHM) control panel that permits you to set up multiple cPanel accounts with each login information. As the administrator of the reseller account, you can grant the client access to the version you resold without giving access to the primary account. Additionally, you can use the Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS), a billing software that permits you to bill customers.

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Although you can offer accounts through VPS or dedicated server accounts (see below), reseller hosting is significantly less expensive. It is often the best choice for web designers who deal with small-sized business clients.

3. VPS Web Hosting

Virtual Private servers are highly configurable options that give you flexibility over shared Hosting. VPS is the best option for web admins, developers, and resellers who wish to keep the servers running and for websites requiring a lot of resources.

A VPS is an individual physical server that divides into multiple distinct servers. In Web Hosting in Pakistan, the websites and other data stored on the server use the same resources. Hence, should one site experience high traffic volumes, it may impact other websites on the server.

Here’s an example of the differences between VPS hosting and shared hosting: Imagine camping in an area with a lake. The lake’s one side is set up as shared Hosting, meaning that anybody can choose any camping spot, and some may get more prominent areas or those closer to the lake. There’s still plenty of land use. However, then it’s not distributed evenly. On the opposite side of the lake, lines are drawn around each campsite, ensuring everyone gets an equal amount of space and access to the lake. This is the way the VPS server is assigned.

When you sign up for the other hand, with a VPS account, it locates within a virtual machine, which serves as an independent server. This means you can make more changes and not affect other users. Using the same illustration, you could build a campfire, then play music, and not disturb the neighbors. You can’t modify your surroundings in the shared host since you’re altering everyone else’s.

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4. Hosting for dedicated servers

A dedicated server is the most reliable hosting choice and is the ideal option for most demanding websites. Be aware that with the VPS or dedicated servers, you will be accountable for more of the setting up and maintenance of your websites than you would with shared Hosting.

With a dedicated server, your site has its server. Typically, the Hosting you will require for your business receives lots of website traffic.

Suppose you have a dedicated server on your computer. In that case, it will have the ability to make any modifications you require, which can be beneficial when you intend to run specialized applications on your server. However, you’ll need more technical skills (or employ a server management administrator) to be able to manage the dedicated server.

 5. EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting

There is no need to fret over installing WordPress or understanding the intricate details of cPanel in setting up your website. It’s only available exclusively for Namecheap clients and hosted by our servers. EasyWP eliminates a lot of issues that come with WordPress installation. It’s an excellent choice for business owners who require an efficient website. The biggest drawback of Easy WP is that you don’t possess FTP access or even cPanel, which means you cannot do things like changing the base WordPress free source code or modifying your databases.

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting for your website?

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