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Your online store’s rank in search engines will be affected by the company you choose as your host. While choosing the right hosting will not guarantee a higher ranking or position, it can help you avoid the serious consequences of choosing the wrong one.

You should consider your options and not just the price. Therefore, it’s better to discuss this with your Digital Specialist before choosing a website hosting.

SEO factors that impact your online store

Two of the three hosting factors can have a significant impact on SEO. They are uptime/downtime, speed, and SEO. These variables can fluctuate from month to month so make sure you check them frequently.

You should immediately contact your hosting company if you spot a problem. Do not assume that they are aware of the problem. They may not be aware of the problem. It is not a good idea to commit to a long-term web hosting agreement.

These two points will be discussed later in the article. You can use two online tools for monitoring server activity and response time.

Upfront fee

You can move your website to another hosting service by paying monthly instead of a one-year or three-year upfront fee. If you are having problems with your long-term hosting agreement, cancel it immediately and move to another server.

It is better to lose a few hundred than to damage the SEO of your online shop. term.

While money doesn’t directly impact SEO, poor hosting can lead to unnecessary expenses you could use for content marketing, AdWords, or other strategies.

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Downtime refers to the time that your website is unavailable due to technical problems on the server hosting it. Your site will be visited by search engine robots, also known as “spiders” for “spiders”, several times per day. They will not visit your website if your online store is unavailable.

This can lead to your website being marked as untrustworthy, and you may lose your ranking. Search engines don’t want to show websites they do not trust because they could lose popularity by showing pages that lead nowhere.


Although search engines are often very secretive about the factors they use to create their algorithms.

Although it is only one of more than 200 factors, it can have a significant impact on your rankings. However, it is still important to pay attention. Sites such as these allow you to check the loading speed of every page in your online store.

  • Page Speed Test
  • Gtmetrix

Your hosting provider may not be responsible for slow loading times. It could be your eCommerce store setup or coding that is causing slow page loads.

However, if your website’s technical setup is optimal and your page loads quickly, your web hosting company should move your site to another server.

It’s not unusual for websites to share server resources with hundreds of other sites. The slower your website loads, the more sites you have on the server and the more resources they consume.


There are many other factors, such as content, and backlinks, that can be added to the website’s ranking. Search engines evaluate the placement of websites to determine where they should be placed in search results.

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Hosting your website with Spain-based servers should result in higher rankings for your site when people search for your keywords.

This means that your website will not rank higher in search results if people search the same keywords in different countries.

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Online stores require a lot of responsibility. You must ensure that your online store is SEO-friendly. Hosting is one of these aspects.

You can find objective opinions about hosting services by looking through reviews. These opinions will help you avoid being misled by marketing campaigns.

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How Hosting Can Affect Your Online Store SEO

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