We all know the importance of a cooking range. Without them, it feels as if your kitchen is empty, regardless of a glutton with all other necessary or luxury items.

But these gas stoves become a hell of an issue when you are trying to shift from one place to another or trying to get a new one in your home. Well, in my opinion, it is because of our negligence towards the fact that we should pre-work out the important factors i.e measuring the weight of your gas stove along with other aspects.


Weight of a Gas Stove:

A stove that is part of a kitchen range weighs between 100 and 250 pounds on average (45 to 90 kg). Portable stoves range in weight from 5 to 20 pounds (2.5 to 9 kg).

The weight of a gas stove is determined by the type of material used, and its size.

In the United States, gas stoves are very prevalent.

Here we will try to answer each and every question, possibly you have in your mind and will try our best to cover all the aspects of the subject in this article.

Disclaimer: All the answers provided herein are based on general assumptions and may vary from the type, model, and make of your stoves.


Shifting appliances entails moving the utilities required to run them. If you wish to relocate a gas stove, you must first pull out the wall behind it in order to reroute the gas line or re-direct a new gas line from somewhere else. A plumber will need to install additional dedicated outlets for the item in the new location.

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If you don’t buy new cabinets or add cabinets in the spaces where you’re removing appliances, you’ll have to replace the countertops, but you’ll have to be sure you can locate matching cabinets for the new appliance placement, or you’ll have to install entirely new cabinets.

New Cabinets:

Expect to require new cabinets and countertops for everything. Based on this, if you still have the funds and want to go, consider arranging kitchen flooring, cabinets, counters, and appliances to all match a theme and create a unified aesthetic so the kitchen seems well planned to buyers when you go to sell in 2 years and not a Frankenstein kitchen. Consider executing this project just before selling to maximize your return on investment.


Consider the impact of relocating water supply/drain lines; depending on where they come from (usually below), you’ll need access to that region to move things about. This might be simple/cheap (if there is unfinished space below) or difficult/expensive (if there is finished space below).


Do you have easy access to the subfloor? If this is the case, moving the gas line to a different position is a reasonably simple task that can be completed by any professional plumber. This also occurs if the old and new locations are on an exterior wall, as the pipe at the new position simply runs through the wall.


Conveyance is also an important factor in this regard. You have to get the conveyance ready to shift your cooking range and also ask more than two to three transporters to check the current commutation prices for your appliances.

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Wrapping Up:

As per our best of knowledge, this was one of the most key factors that one have to keep in mind when it comes to shifting your cooking range.

However, if you still think we may have omitted some important factors? Then feel free to comment below


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