ENOUGH Lyrics Glarti

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My love is enough for the both us
My trust is enough for the both us

[Verse 1]
Cause You’re a good distraction
You Give me satisfaction
It ain’t just words without the action
You so blunt but I ain’t tryna pass ya
Ain’t gone front I think found the treasure
No pressure
You turn my whole mind into a treadmill
We’ll split what I make into a fraction
My feels for you they so damn perplexing
Ain’t never felt this

[Verse 2]
I wait minutes hours for your texts
I run city hoping to get blessed
Play my shit to help you get relaxed
It ain’t no stress
I’m on guard I’m blocking all these mans
Cause you the baddest
It’s on sight if you mess with the gang
Cause We the baddest
It’s on sight if you mess with the gang gang
With what gang gang
Ain’t got no gang gang gang (Hollup)
But I’m with the gang gang gang (Hollup)
But I’m with ma man man manz (Hollup)
Now shawdy what you sayin sayin sayin (Hollup)
You know we ain’t playin playin playin (Hollup)
We boutta hop on planes planes planes (Hollup)
We boutta cop the range range range (Hollup)
Bout to cop the bimmer
E series
2 seaters

[Verse 3]
I hop out the space space space
And I need my space space space
Y’all should know your place place place
Look me in my face face face
How you talking down when you look up to me
How you stand your ground when you stay in bed all day
How you got a frown behind your smile it’s okay
To show em how you feeling either ways they gone pay
Now put down the xans xans xans
Now put on your vans vans vans
Leave the shit behind when we get up and go skate
Anger building up just let it out it’s okay
I’m gone understand stand stand
We make all the plans plans plans
Hope shit go as planned planned planned

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ENOUGH Lyrics Glarti

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