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Jamaica’s #1 Dunn’s Stream visited visit interest, coordinated in the space of St. Ann Osha Rios, this Dunn’s river falls Jamaica visit offers 600 ft. falls, for moving while it’s not unanticipated water utilizes your body and relax your cerebrum. Dunn’s Stream Falls and Park is the best spot to participate in a Jamaican sun shimmering day. Guest can climb 600 feet from the premise of the falls, indistinct like a connected chain, worked with by fit and reliable region goes with. Dunn’s Stream region goes with are talented at driving you up the falls and can use your camera to snap your photograph as you present under different locale of the wellsprings.

Visit Consolidates 3 Activities

Horseback Shore Ride in the Caribbean Sea

Visit the unfathomably well-known Dunn’s, Stream Falls

Participate in a riding experience on a hand-made bamboo barge on the White Stream


The lifestyle of Jamaica like mangroves is basically embedded in the seas and streams. On a bamboo boat should be the strongest strategy for cutting down yourself in the point of convergence of paradise. Sail along the jade-green waters of the neighborhood White Stream and appreciate as the bird’s murmuring symphony get rid of you. Learn about the radiance of the Jamaican country on the most relaxing experience along the stream and take in the importance that makes Jamaica such a pearl. Your visit integrates a foot or full body work. Dunn’s river falls Jamaica.

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WEIGHT Prevention:

  • BAMBOO Drifting FOR 2 Globe-trotters: 500LBS
  • Most beyond ridiculous Load FOR NATURE Experience Activities IS 265LBS

AGE Deterrent:



Get for this experience is open from most essential lodgings in the Montego Bay locale, as well as from express Spaces and Airbnb’s. You will perceive your assist with timing through email or telephone after you’ve completed your booking.

Gigantic Counsel

Assuming no one really minds without a doubt, note if you are not overflow in Montego Sound you will ought to pay an additional charge for transportation. We don’t do free move past Montego. These lodgings are not in Montego Stream (Royalton Blue Waters/White Sand, Magnificent Oster Straight, Ocean Coral Spring, Gland Bahia Principe, Confusing Palladium, etc. Dunn’s river falls Jamaica.

Additional Transportation costs from these picked lodgings

-Royalton Blue Water

-Royalton White Sand

-Ocean Coral Spring

-Ocean Eden Delta

-Outstanding Shellfish Sound

1-4 people $160 full scale

something like 5 people $30 per person.


  • You will be returned to the fundamental spot of pickup after the visit is done.


  • Change of Garments
  • Wear open to clothing (For Horse rides)
  • Towel
  • Bring cash for limit rental, eats, and gifts
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellant
  • Water Shoes
  • No Embellishments
  • Ought to Show Gigantic Picture ID for checking


  • Hotel get and drop off included
  • Nearby escort
  • Segment Charge
  • Experience gear



Additional Information

  • Not wheelchair open
  • Not sensible for pregnant women
  • All drivers ought to show an immense driver’s honor
  • Gifts and photos are prepared to move
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 You could get an attestation email sooner dependent upon the volume of booking. Dunn’s river falls Jamaica.

Booking and Reservation Structure Through Zella

All strategies or reservations should be paid 2 days every step of the way for your visits to be avowed. Reservations made through Zella will not be held without fragment. In case your booking isn’t paid 2 days a ton early, it will regularly be dropped. We recommend that you make the significant piece to occur with your booking

Essential Information

 Tolerating no one personalities, note the time showed on the site is just for you to learn about what time these visits start. Dunn’s river falls Jamaica.

Your affirmation email will show to address time for all pick-ups. Liberally try to take a gander at your statement email, you can really look at your spam or waste mail to find affirmation if not showed in your new sends.

Disintegration Procedure

Any undoing’s made something like 96 (96) hours or more won’t attract an intersection bring up charge.

Dropping made under 96 hours yet more than 72 hours before the coordinated visit time, will draw down the center (half) discipline.

Scratch-off made inside 48 (48) hours or around the very time that the booking is made will attract 100 percent (100%) discipline.

All undoing’s ought to be submitted recorded as a printed copy to the Connection and got by Enchanting Visits Weed tour Jamaica inside the time stretches outlined above to be ready for a discount.

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