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Every business owner wants to present products in the most attractive way possible. Nobody wants to fail by packing and displaying products in delicate and cheap packaging. Therefore, professional business companies prefer high-quality custom packaging to lure customers. The packaging not only protects products, but also makes a connection between client and seller. If the packaging is of cheap quality, customers will not trust you. But, if the packaging is enchanting and protective, customers will trust and rely on you. Hence, invest your time, money, and effort in the custom packaging of products.

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There are boxes of various shapes and styles available in the market. One of the most popular packaging styles of these boxes is sleeve packaging. It contains two components, 1-Lid and 2-Tray. It can support every product and makes your business stand out from the competition. Custom sleeve boxes can pave the road to success for your business only if you precisely design them. There are many ways to design sleeve packaging, and some are:

Create Unique Printed Sleeve Packaging

To distinguish your business from competitors, design packaging which is different from the competitor’s packaging style. In this way, you can get the attention of many people because everyone like something uniquely different. For example, you can add unique fonts, typography, and patterns to make attractive packaging. Additionally, add vibrant colors to the packaging using PMS and CMYK techniques. These techniques deeply print colors on the Custom Box Packaging and make colors brighter and more vivid. You can add colors on the entire packaging or on some portions per your preferences.

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Furthermore, add graphics and images that are related to your business theme. It is helpful to achieve custom packaging that perfectly matches the features of your business. One can utilize customization many customization options as well to make individual boxes for business.

  • Die-cutting
  • Gluing
  • Scoring
  • Perforation
  • PVC sheet
  • Raised ink
  • Coatings (glossy, matte, UV spot)

Creatively Utilize Printing Techniques

Sleeve packaging is ideal for many products, especially cosmetic products, as it gives a luxury look to bath bombs, lipsticks, perfumes, etc. But, the only thing that can promote these products is creative packaging. Take advantage of printing methods and add dotted, floral, or digital designs on the printed sleeve packaging. Additionally, make your products stand out among competitors by picking innovative prints. It does not require a lot of time as you just have to tell your requirements and get the expected printing on the packaging.

Sleeve Boxes

Add Inside Prints

Add prints on the inside of the boxes If you want the outer portion of sleeve packaging to be plain and simple. It is becoming a new trend among many businesses. Moreover, one can maintain simplicity by printing extra details like manufacturing and expiry date, or other details on the inside. It seems unique and makes an impact on purchasers. One can print the brand name, and logo on the outside portion of custom-printed sleeve boxes to promote business. Brand logo and name are important to mention as it helps customers to memorize your brand, and it seems more professional too.

Utilize Foiling and Embossing Methods

Add a luxury touch to custom printed sleeve packaging by applying gold or silver foiling. People do not come across gold or silver packaging boxes on a normal basis. One can take advantage of this and add a metallic effect to the boxes to grab the attention of buyers. It will be very difficult for shoppers to ignore luxury metallic packaging. One can add gold/silver foiling to the font, logo, or borders of packaging per requirements. Moreover, create embroidery designs on the boxes using foiling methods.

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On the other hand, embossing also charms the look of packaging by applying pressure on the typography of the packaging and giving raised appearance. A raised logo of the brand seems eye-catchy, classy, and unique. It will make a mark in customers’ minds because it is hard to forget a prominent and stylish logo of the brand.

Add Window Cut On Sleeve Packaging

One cannot neglect the significance of window cuts in the presentation of products. It is the easiest way to display products to customers. Be creative with window cutting and cut it in attractive shapes and designs. One can cut it in a simple square shape or the shape of products per choice. It will embellish the overall look of the packaging. A hidden product cannot appeal to customers.

Sleeve Boxes

The window cut on the boxes lures customers to buy products, especially if you offer food products. A window cut on sleeve packaging for foods can increase customers’ cravings, and they will end up buying the food. Thus, it boosts sales by attracting customers.

Make Eco-Friendly Sleeve Packaging

With increasing global warming and climate change, people now prefer eco-friendly packaging. Therefore, satisfy eco lovers with sleeve packaging made of environmentally friendly materials like E-flue corrugated cardboard, cardstock, bux board, and Kraft. It will protect products and prevent contamination, as no chemicals are used while making these materials. Besides, people do not throw in recyclable boxes. They reuse them for many purposes. So, wherever your custom boxes would go, there will be the promotion of your business. Thus, print your business details on eco-friendly custom printed sleeve boxes and achieve brand recognition.

Creative Ideas to Design Custom Sleeve Boxes to Achieve Success

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