Costs of travel in Europe

Are you planning a trip to Europe? Congratulations! It is likely that if you’re here, you’re not familiar with traveling or perhaps not familiar with Europe. Well, fear not, I’ve got you covered! I’ve been traveling around Europe mother daughter trips on my own for the past eight years. My first trip was a bit daunting and difficult, but ever since I’ve visited at least once per year and at times as often as five times a year. If you’re wondering about the costs of traveling in Europe Get your notebook prepared! I’ve included all the information listed below to aid you in planning and budgeting for your trip.

Travel Costs in Europe by Countries

You’re thinking of taking an excursion to Europe It’s exciting! Europe is my favorite part of the globe to explore in such a way that I try to visit each year.

You’ll soon discover that Europe can be expensive if aren’t sure of what to do with your budget. Below, I’ll breakdown the cost per day of traveling to each of the top tourist destinations and the best ways to cut costs while traveling.

For comparison, the below prices are for per person per day, which is a typical spending. Although this is an approximate estimate, you could be able to budget for less or spend more. Simply put it’s somewhere between the two! Costs for travel in Europe are correct at the time of publication in 2020.

The most expensive countries within Europe


Cost per day: EUR182.19

The most expensive nation in Europe every day is France. This shouldn’t come as for most of you. I’m sure that I’m not stunned after my many visits to Paris!

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The cost of traveling to France is a little overpriced due to the popularity the popularity of Paris. Many tourists go to Paris for several days of packed sightseeing before hot-tailing the trip in the other European cities.

Tips for budgeting:

If you’re looking to save money best mother daughter trip while in France explore the region beyond Paris. Food prices are affordable across the country, even in Paris If it is known where (hint that it’s the Latin quarter).

Choose to stay in the Airbnb instead of the traditional hotel. They’re much more affordable and will give you a more authentic local experience.


Cost per day: EUR181.55

Another country that I’m sure everyone is pleased to find on this listing is Switzerland. Simply looking around in a high-end setting feels costly! Inhaling the fresh mountain air is pricey!

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Tips for budgeting:

Shorten your stay. Whichever method you take, Switzerland is expensive in every way. If you have family or friends that you can live with, it will reduce a significant part of the expense.


The cost per day is EUR161.46

I was in Denmark at the beginning of my 20s and the cost was too high, I put aside the idea of converting prices and thought I was unable to pay for anything. If I’m not mistaken I ate a sandwich from the supermarket at dinner and consumed them with one coke zero. The most chic!

Tips for budgeting:

Avoid Copenhagen. It is infamously among the most costly cities of Europe. I personally know this!


Cost per day: EUR133.63

I was aware before my trip to Iceland that it would be a costly trip. This flight was an absolute bargain (Barcelona from New York via Reykjavik) and included a stopover for a reasonable price on the way to NYC.

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Iceland is pricey for hotels fuel, food, and entry fees. To even visit the waterfalls, you have to pay a fee for entrance!

Tips for budgeting:

A road trip to different destinations, and travel with a partner to share the cost. There are affordable hotels available throughout the country, but there is more demand , such as Reykjavik.

United Kingdom

The cost per day is EUR127.40

If you are visiting Europe for the first time, it’s highly likely that London is on the list. This is for a reason! The iconic city is each year the most popular city worldwide. The most expensive thing to pay for when visiting in the United Kingdom is accommodation. It’s also not surprising that the pound is always performing favorably compared to many other currencies.

Tips for budgeting:

Waitrose or Sainsbury’s is both great choices. It is possible to grab an easy sandwich to take in the car and avoid the more expensive eateries. A lot of the museums in London are free, as are the parks , and just strolling through Soho will provide the day with entertainment. Other cities that aren’t in London are much less expensive to explore.


Cost per day: EUR124.14

This might come as shock to you due to the fact that pizza is cheap and wine from the house what could cost so much? Although the food is reasonably priced however, the cost of traveling across Italy quickly goes up. Cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence are the most expensive.

Tips for budgeting:

Avoid the tourist-oriented cities and settle in smaller towns. If you don’t want to stay in Florence take a trip to Lucca. If you prefer not to stay in Venice and staying in Verona. It is possible to take an train and go on day excursions!

Costs of travel in Europe

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