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It can be challenging to keep your Instagram feed current followers on Instagram. We looked at the most successful Instagram feeds and summarized what they do well. Have a look! Instagram is vital. People see your profile first when they first view it, rather than individual posts. It is essential to plan the appearance of each photo and the look and feel of your entire feed. The feed also forms your brand’s story. People scroll down to create an impression of a brand by looking at the dinner.

What is the brand’s central theme? What is the brand’s main message? These impressions are formed in a way that is easy to understand. The viewer’s perception of the feed is what will determine their answer. Instagram has thousands of ideas for creative feeds. Many accounts have attractive color schemes. How do you attract and keep a follower? What makes you different?

9 Instagram Feed Ideas That Will Make Your Profile Shine

It is essential to have a plan and know what you want. We’ve collected some Instagram feed ideas to inspire you. These unique styles will inspire you to like and follow, regardless of your color choice.

This article explains:

  • Determine your Instagram Aesthetic
  • Select the core colors of your brand
  • Your brand’s identity should be highlighted
  • Try different grid layouts
  • Use words
  • Use beautiful fonts and typography
  • Use illustrations to spice things up
  • Make videos that tell stories
  • Stick to a border you have chosen

1: Determine Your Instagram Aesthetic

Consistent themes and filters are common in all great Instagram feed ideas.

Influencers and brands that win tend to stick with one or two filters. They edit photos the same way. They may use similar stock photos. They use the same brightness, contrast, saturation, and exposure. Here are some tips for taking and editing the best Instagram photos!

These edits aren’t just random. Instagrammers first imagine the perfect look and feel for their Instagram feed. Then, they select filters and colors that best match their brand’s identity.

Sked’s built-in image editor makes it easy to create your look. It can be used to add filters to images and text to frames.

Log in to your Sked account, or sign up for a trial to get started. Next, click the red “Create Post” button at the top left. From the dropdown, select the account you wish to schedule. Click the plus sign to add media. You’ll find a pencil icon at the bottom of the image that will allow you to access the photo editor.


Minimalist design is one of the most popular Instagram ideas. It’s not surprising. This theme allows for a well-organized presentation of visual content.

This aesthetic is best represented by The Minimalist (@minimaliststyle). The brand’s feed showcases its designer-made pieces in clean, crisp photos. They can showcase their products cleanly and straightforwardly by sticking to a minimalistic design.

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 Instagram Feed Ideas

What’s not to like?

A pastel theme can bring life to your feed and make your heart beat faster. They are also minimalistic but bright and do a great job highlighting the subject in a photo.

Matt Crump (@mattcrump), neon-pastel, is one of the most popular Instagram feed ideas around pastels. His Instagram aesthetic has earned him the nickname “candy-colored minimalism.”

2: Choose your Brand’s Core Colors

Your brand’s colors can make your Instagram account stand out.

Each photo should include at least one or two of your core colors. It can be hard to achieve if your products do not have your core colors. You can make this happen if your products have consistent color filters or you think outside of the box. You can also design your logo and play with the packaging of your product. Your brand’s appearance and feel will be reflected in your product’s packaging. Don’t worry if sticking to the brand’s primary colors is difficult! You can make a color-themed feed using color-replace tools. PicsArt and VSCO allow you to create a complete overlay. They can also replace the colors in a photo with your brand’s primary colors.

3: Highlight your Brand’s Identity

Your brand identity is another way to make your feed stand out. Identify the characteristics and qualities that best represent your products or services. Create posts that reflect your brand’s personality.

Kate Spade, for example, described the Kate Spade girl as quick, curious, playful, and strong. She is a strong, independent heroine who enjoys adventures and being free. This personality is evident in all the Instagram posts that the brand makes. You will find inspirational quotes, fashion inspiration, and lifestyle photos on their Instagram. They also post bright prints that reflect their whimsical style.

4 – Experiment With Grid Layouts

Most users often ignore Instagram’s grid layout. For aesthetic-oriented users, grid layouts can be a key to creating great feeds. This is where Sked’s planner feature shines. It shows you exactly how your posts will look in an Instagram grid before you publish them. Go to your Sked account and click on “Planner” in the left sidebar menu. It will open and display your draft posts to the left and the planner interface to the center. This is the one that looks almost like an Instagram grid on a smartphone. Drag your draft posts to the planner, and arrange them correctly to create the perfect grid. To auto-save your settings, toggle on the button at the bottom of your phone screen. All of your changes will be reflected in the bar to the right.

Puzzle Layout

This puzzle layout is one of the most difficult Instagram feed ideas to keep up with. This divides one image into multiple images. Each split image is then posted to create its larger counterpart.

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Her feed is fantastic because each photo is linked to other images. It’s fun to scroll down and see how the ideas connect.

Rainbow Feed

The rainbow feed is an excellent option if you don’t want your brand to be limited to its core colors. The primary colors change as you scroll further down. This feed is very labor-intensive as you have to adjust the color of each photo by adding blocks. This means that your filters and props may change over time. It is also essential to plan how colors will vary in your feed.

Checkerboard Feed

This is one of the most beautiful Instagram feed ideas.

Checkerboards are photos that have the same background or color scheme as each other. Some choose to alternate between darker and lighter backgrounds; others alternate pictures with quotes.

Below is an example of @cerebralmist’s checkerboard feed—her feed alternates between a quote on a black background and a photo. It is possible to pull it off by making the middle feed white or another distinct color. You can add inspirational quotes to the middle feed to create a vertical line. It is also possible to ensure that the images on either side of the main meal are related and the quote.

This theme draws the viewers’ attention to the center of the feed. Because of this unique aesthetic, they are more likely to scroll down the feed.

5 – Play with Words

What if you aren’t interested in the same lifestyle, travel, or food niches as most Instagram brands? No worries! Visual text can be combined with words to communicate your brand’s message. Post inspirational messages and quotes. This strategy works best for non-profit and B2B organizations.

Upload your image to Sked to add text. Then, open the image editor to edit it. Click the “Text” icon on the toolbar to select the font, size, and color you wish to use for your message.

Sked Social – Instagram Feed Ideas

 Marketing Solved’s feed will show you how to use text well. Marketing Solved offers hundreds of free tutorials and resources. Their feed also features quotes that will appeal to entrepreneurs and marketers. Although they don’t directly promote their products, they have a large following.

6 – Use great fonts and typography

If you want to share inspiring quotes frequently, your Instagram feed must have good fonts. This is an excellent idea if you are a design agency or creative who wants clients to be impressed.

Check out Erik Marinovich’s (@erikmarinovich ) feed for inspiration on typography. He is a designer, lettering artist, and business owner. His Instagram feed is filled with his creations. This is how he has worked with companies like Nike, Targeted Goog, and Facebook.

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7 – Use Illustrations

Are you tired of posting product photos? Do you want to spice it up? Suppose you are tired of posting different pictures of the pizza you make weekly. Try creating product illustrations that have a surprising twist. Gucci’s #GucciGift campaign with IgnasiMonreal is a good example. They created 80 illustrations. These illustrated the myths of Greece, Rome, Renaissance paintings, and Medieval alchemy. They also included information about Spain’s era. Each photograph featured Gucci’s ready-to-wear products and accessories.

McDonald’s Singapore used illustrations to give their product photos a unique twist. To show how they keep people moving, they added a running track to the image of their breakfast menu. They also used a background of a man igniting the fire to promote their Spicy Chicken McNuggets.

8 – Create Videos that Tell Stories

Some people are posting photos more often, but others are making short videos that are funny and creative. This is the newest type of content that has gained followers’ hearts and time. A video could be worth a million words if they say a picture is worth a thousand pictures.

Insta videos can bring stories to life. This means that videos get more engagement than photos. Videos drove more comments than photos, and comments prompted more likes per post. How can you refresh your Instagram feed with videos? Follow Zach King (@zachking) for more Instagram inspiration.

Who is Zach King?

He can shrink, transform into a statue, and make laundry look like a kitten. Don’t you believe me? Check out his Instagram feed for creative videos with significant visual effects. He gained 20.9 million Instagram followers thanks to his cleverly edited videos. He started his success by using his voice to communicate the brand’s message. His videos are meant to be relatable because his followers are children.

He often thinks of himself as the main character in a video. He then adds an unexpected twist to grab the viewers’ attention.

What can brands learn about Zach’s success? Find out what your brand’s personality and voice are. Next, create stories with an unexpected twist.

9 – Choose a Border and Stick with It

You can make your feed stand out by choosing a border and sticking with it! You can make your feed stand out by selecting a frame and sticking to it! They make your feed look consistent and are easy to implement. These are the top border themes that Instagram users most often use:

White borders

The white border theme is a great way to keep things simple. Sked makes it easy to create a consistent feed, even if you post photos with different colors. You can also evenly space your pictures.

Open Sked’s image editor and select “Frame” in the toolbar. Next, choose the size and style you want.

Sked Social – Instagram Feed Ideas.


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