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Are you wondering why Pune has become a hub and the most ideal destination for businesses in India? Here, you will get full insights to understand the rise of Pune as one of the most prominent hubs for startups in India. Pune holds a worldwide reputation for generating the best human resources for corporates because the city has many famous colleges and universities. Many large enterprises and SMEs are looking for the best-managed office space in Pune as it allows them to run business operations smoothly. 

Pune is also recognized as the oxford of the east and the cultural capital of India. Leasing shared office space in Pune is one of the many desires of budding entrepreneurs who want to enlarge their business model PAN India. Culture, greenery, environment, and endless business opportunities are the factors that attract most businesses to acquire shared office space in the largest geographical city of Maharashtra. Earlier, the city was best known for its sugar and glass industries, but now it is packed with both Automotive and IT industries. 

Before knowing the best commercial locations in Pune, you first need to know why this city has gained immense popularity among veteran and budding entrepreneurs. There are several advantages to starting or expanding your business model in Pune.

5 Advantages of Taking an Office Space In Pune

  1. Vast Majority of Educated Professionals 
  1. Lower Operational Costs 
  1. Presence of Market Leaders 
  1. Growing Economy 
  1. Proximity and Infrastructure  

1. Vast Majority of Educated Professionals

Pune has made its way to being among the top and most reputed outsourcing destinations in India. From the point of view of an entrepreneur, Pune is the ideal destination for them to begin or enlarge their businesses. The oxford of the east is famous across the globe to produce some of the best talents who may later contribute to the company’s success. Finding the ideal candidate for a particular job role is not a task to worry about for employers because there are plenty of freshers and experienced candidates waiting to apply their skills and knowledge to help a business grow.

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2. Lower Operational Costs

Another major factor that attracts a majority of entrepreneurs and employers is the competitive operational costs. Living and sustaining in Pune is much easier than in other metropolitan cities of India. Pune has low labor costs for entry-level IT and Non-IT executives. This factor alone is capable of raising the demand for shared office space for MNC companies in Pune. 

3. Presence of Market Leaders

The transformation of Pune has been so prodigious that it has forced many big players to enter this market. Pune alone has more IT professionals compared to Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, and many others. The overall environment and conditions are supportive to tech companies and which is why big IT players like Tech Mahindra, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, BMC Software, Cyient, Synechron, Cybage Software, Symantec, and many more are operating from here. 

4. Growing Economy

Pune, a thriving and vibrant city of the Indian state of Maharashtra, has become of the best centers for business and academics. Since the ecosystem of the city is helping these domains to grow, they are also playing their part in the overall development and growth of the city by contributing to its economy. The oxford of the east has witnessed exponential growth in recent years and is among the top largest metropolitan economies of the nation.  

5. Proximity and Infrastructure

The financial capital of India is just 95 miles away from Pune. Many metropolitan cities are facing different challenges like traffic congestion, weather conditions, and so on. On the other hand, people in Pune are not facing such issues because it has the most impressive and powerful infrastructure. Pune is not a planned city but the authorities have done remarkable work considering the required level of urban infrastructure. 

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Therefore, these are some of the major reasons why Pune is becoming an ideal destination for businesses to lease out shared office spaces in Pune. Considering the endless opportunities and benefits, entrepreneurs are highly interested in seeking funds from investors that are interested in smart business models.   

It is true that Pune has gained popularity among entrepreneurs in the past few years. There are several locations that are ideal for a business enterprise to commence or expand its business in Pune. Some of these top locations are given below. 

  1. Amar Sadanand Tech Park 
  2. Nyati Unitree  
  3. Summer Court  
  4. Pride Gateway in Baner  
  5. Marisoft C 
  6. M Agile 
  7. Amar Pristine 81 
  8. Amar Madhuban Tech Park 

Hence, these are some of the ideal commercial centers to get shared office space in Pune. These centers are famously recognized for the services offered as you can easily access and avail yourself of several amenities including cafeterias, snooze rooms, gyms, smart stores, pantries, gaming zones, and so on.  There are numerous benefits of having a shared office space in Pune, such as: 

  1. Enhanced Productivity and Output of the Workforce 
  2. Space Utilization and Optimization 
  3. Tech-Enabled Office to Reduce Human Efforts 
  4. Better Collaboration and Communication 
  5. Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality 
  6. Streamlining the Overall Process 
  7. Offers a Sense of Flexibility and Security to the Workforce 
  8. Builds a Positive Image in the minds of Customers and Job Applicants 

The demand for managed office spaces in Pune has increased rapidly since the downfall of Covid-19. Companies are more concerned with employee safety, welfare, needs, and satisfaction. These are also some of the major factors that attract business organizations to acquire flexible office space across different cities in India.  

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It is high time for companies to switch from traditional office spaces to advanced and shared office spaces to value their workforce. A team of happy and motivated people tends to perform better if compared to a team that is not heard, seen, and valued by their employers. Get your team a fully furnished tech-enabled shared office space in Pune and witness the drastic incline in their productivity and self-motivation. 

Top 8 Commercial Centers for Office Spaces in Pune 

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