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In the era of TV streaming, Sling TV made a debut in 2015 and is known for its service that streams all your chosen TV channels on all of your devices like game consoles, smart TV, and smart phones etc. The users are already having options like Netflix or Amazon Prime etc, then why should they choose a new debutant? Well, the answer is quite simple that some of the users want simple cable TV options that are able of streaming their favorite channels without paying extra for the glut of channel packages that anyone rarely sees. You need to get full details about sling tv support number instantly. That means Sling TV simply helps to cut down the costs and customizes your package as per your specifications like local channels only. Another feather in the crown of the Sling TV is the cloud DVR service that gives you the feasibility to record shows, movies etc by an added expense of $5 per month.

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Sling TV Support Color Scheme Packages

Sling TV offers three types of packages differing by prices, channels and number of streaming options available namely Sling Orange ($20 per month), Sling Blue ($25 per month) and Sling Orange + Blue package ($40 per month).

      Sling Orange- Includes ESPN and Disney, NBC and FOX are not available in this package. This package offers 25+ channels with one stream at one time.
      Sling Blue -Includes FOX and NBC, Disney and ESPN are not available in this package. It offers 40+ channels with three streams at one time.
      Sling Orange +Blue-This is a combined package offering multiple streams and including all channels.

Common Benefits from the Sling TV Subscriptions

Each package has a different set of facilities but there are certain common advantages that every Sling TV subscriber gets like access to Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, HGTV and BBC America with other popular ones. Another benefit of Sling TV is that it is compatible with a number of devices for streaming ranging from Android, iOS, Xbox one to Amazon Fire TVs. This feature is the biggest USP of Sling TV in the market.

Added Subscription- TV channels with packages

This is another offering of Sling TV beyond the standard packages that you can avail extra set of channels by sparing as low as $5 a month. o example Sports Channel package could be availed with Sling Orange. Here we advise you to go through the plans properly and select your add-ons.

Special Specifications: Sling TV

So far So good, Sling TV has some more special features beyond broadcasting and streaming your favorite shows to your devices. You can avail an access to your old favorites with selective streaming options. Let's find here-

Rewind and Fast-Forward feature

Most of the channels on Sling TV support rewind and fast forward feature; you can start your shoe from the beginning. For the channels that do not support this feature, you can go to old showcasing and watch there.

Cloud DVR

As mentioned earlier, this feature is an add-on service that could be availed at $ 5 per month giving you 50 hours of storage accessible from any of your connected device. A number of channels have advanced with the time those support DVR function on Sling TV.

On-demand Video

Yes, you can also select to rent your favorite movie on Sling TV at a nominal cost of $0.99 and $4.99 depending on the quality of the movie video.

  • Add on services
  • Cloud DVR
  • On-demand programs and Live TV
  • Absence of Web application Local
  • Channels limited availability
  • Commercials involved

At the end After all observations, Sling TV is the best and cheap option for cutting down on streaming costs for your favorite channels with added features. Its compatibility with all smart devices definitely makes it a portable option.

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