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Resolve Amazon Fire TV Frozen Issue/Blank Screen/remote Issue

Amazon Fire TV is loaded with the multitude of features to change your TV viewing experience completely. If you own one then you must have known the amazing specifications it offers. But here we would discuss the common issue with Amazon Fire TV that is screen goes black or stands frozen. Dial us on amazon fire stick support for instant help.Tackling this issue is not a rocket science, just reconnecting the ports or switching the device on or off works at times. Let’s see here how we can troubleshoot this situation-

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Amazon Fire TV is frozen Issue

Troubleshooting the frozen issue in Amazon TV fire does not require any advanced technical skills. The small reasons could give rise to this situation when controls do not work. Follow the steps here to tackle the issue -

      Restart your device Start by disconnecting the power cord from the device and keep it off for some time. Now plug the cord back and switch on the power .
      Use Amazon Fire TV adapter This is important to use the power adapter that came along with your Amazon Fire TV.
      Use Amazon High-Speed HDMI cable For 1st and 2nd generation Amazon Fire TV, an HDMI cable is needed to run the programs smoothly. For TV stick you should always opt for HDMI extender.
      Change your HDMI port Try to directly plug-in your Amazon Fire TV device into your TV, also change the HDMI port on your TV.
      Switch off the Amazon Fire TV If your device turned off then leave it to cool down unplugged for some time.

Amazon Fire TV Blank Screen Issue

If your screen turns black or blank, you can try these tips to quickly rectify the situation.

  • Try using different HDMI cable to connect your Amazon Fire TV. Unplug the HDMI cable and reconnect after some time.
  • Always see for the setting of your TV is on the same HDMI input channel that is in correspondence with Amazon Fire TV.
  • Switch off the devices temporarily that is connected to your TV's HDMI ports by unplugging completely for some time.
  • Switch the resolution of your TV to a different setting like from 1080 p to 720 p. Just use your Fire TV remote by pressing “Up and Rewind” controls together at least for 5 seconds. Each resolution displays for 10 seconds; here you can select the correct one.
  • If you have a sound bar or AV receiver connected to your Fire TV, ensure it’s” on” and switched to the right input. You can also directly connect your Amazon Fire TV to your TV if this fails. Note- If your Amazon Fire TV is 2nd or 3rd Generation, initiating and stopping a stream in 4K Ultra High Definition, may lead to your TV screen to flicker or turn black for some time.

In any instance, if these tips do not help you to troubleshoot the blank or frozen screen issues, you may contact Amazon Fire TV customer support center. The Amazon Fire TV experts have hands-on practice to deal with technical discommodious issues and provide you with the optimum solution.amazon fire tv frozen issue can be resolve easilhy with well tarined staff which are working 24/7.

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